would somebody send me old rusty files?

can somebody please send me their old and unused files because i need them to make survival knifes, if you can please say so in the comments.

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Go to the local metal scrap yard. Theyve got all sorts of thick stock metals and if they're cool theyll sell you some. Harbor freight also has files for probably around what it would cost top ship them. Dont you want the hardest metal you can get for a knife? of is that all done through tempering after the knife is formed?

Glumgad1 month ago

Once I have seen some rusty files (as well as other tools) on a flue market. I thought "Who on Earth wood buy it"...

LegoSurvivor (author)  Glumgad1 month ago


LegoSurvivor (author) 1 month ago

these are all good ideas, i will try them.

Toga_Dan1 month ago

some antique stores hav tools.

But you can bet that some workkshop within 10 mi of you is throwin em out.

Yonatan241 month ago

Ebay? Thrift stores?

Toga_Dan1 month ago

try local craigslist, or freecycle.

Shipping can get pricey.