I just visited some air gun dealers site and i learned that they sell air rifles that can go up to 3000psi! I am making an air rifle that i was gonna pump with a air compressor up to 300psi. :( I thaught that 300psi was much!! Wtf?? I mean 300psi is enough to go trough 18mm plywood. Whats 3000psi gonna do??!! Go through a wall?!! Wtf? :( But is there a way for me to pump to a higher psi?? And a other thing. My air tank was this ABS pipe and i was wondering if you could get ABS pipe out of iron. Can you?? PS: I still havent learned how much fps a 300psi is.

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Rather an old thread, but when you get sick of shooting batteries out of PVC, you can go buy a "pellet gun" that will shoot through as many sheets of plywood as you care to stack.


acer739 years ago
I don't know how strong ABS is but PVC has a breaking point of 200psi. If the tank explodes you will be filled with plastic shrapnel and some hearing damage. Get some wide thick steel pipe and cap both ends. Much stronger but there is a chance of killing you if it explodes which isn't likely as long as its not filled that great of a pressure. 300psi isn't much, Daisy pellet riffles go to around 600 and I have a spring loaded one that has 1000.
not all pvc has a breaking point of 200 psi. i use a barrel for my hybrid that is sch160(600 psi) but that is for water. that same pvc with compressed air will break at around 300-400 psi. also your spring loaded gun does not go to any psi because it uses a spring not a tank to compress a piston forcing the pellet out.
Enzo55 (author)  acer739 years ago
Yeah but your air rifle shoots bb bullets. Not quite the same. I´m shooting AA Batteries and marbles at 300psi. Compare a little bb to a marble. But tell me does your spring loaded rifle shoot through 18mm plywood?
acer73 Enzo559 years ago
No my PELLET rifle shoots pellets which are much more powerful, I have not tried to shoot through plywood, I can tell you that It can go through a pidgin though. I would Not shoot AA batterys they are heavy and it they hit someone they will end up with a very bad bruise at the very least and a broken rib. You can not compare a Pellet to a battery but im sorry to say that a pellet wont go through plywood; a AA battery wouldn't go through it ether, it would only break it in a few places.
ll.13 acer739 years ago
Our Webley xocet air rifle can get a rabbit at 40 yds. in fact lets say 20+ rabbits, I have also hit a pheasant at 60 yards but it only slightly injured it. now there is no way you can get the same performance with a bigger projectile, a .303 is big enough size for deer, so it'd be better to get an old air gun and rig up the barrel.
acer73 ll.139 years ago
why would you hunt a rabbit with a air rifle esspecially a pheasant. An AA battery would be like a large bullet, you just need a large barrel and tank to have it fly fast enough to take out a dear.
Enzo55 (author)  Enzo559 years ago
" A pellet wont go through plywood" I think thath says it all. And i shoot marbles to by the way, m&m´s and popcorn beans in a homemade shell.
gotja9 years ago
3000 fps is insane thats about 3 times faster than sound... (speed of sound 1100 fps) but i think he ment like it was a precharged pnumatic gun (pvp i think) so it would be a multishot. you would charge 3000psi with a scuba tank
Metal4God9 years ago
i think 3000 can kill someone (to heck with paintball and co2 airsoft im going to Airguns)
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