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royalestel10 years ago
Yup. Double plus good.
ugh..don't remind me of that book.
What book? I was quoting Strong Bad. Trogdor!
Well he was quoting 1984 ;)
Funny, I don't remember that in the book. I had a hard time standing that book anyway--didn't find it in the least plausible. Left out the indomitable human spirit of stubbornness. More caricature than anything.
Yup..it was new speak. Big Brother is double plus ungood As for plausibility...it's not that far fetched, the government is monitoring us more and more every day.
Nah, I don't think it's plausible. Orwell didn't know about the interweb. Ubiquitous information flow goes both ways. Not a good thing for oppressive governments. Soon we'll be able to watch video of the SOBs putting down protests in Myanmar.
Soon we'll also have mandatory RFID identification chips like pets get.
Man I sure hope not. If so, I'd find a state to move to like Texas that wouldn't put up with such nonsense. Anyways, once they figure out how to read your brain from a distance, why bother with implants? They could cause infection!
At our present rate, if things do not change....is right. If we continue in the direction we are going, everyone without the "chip" would be considered a terrorist of some kind. And with how "readable" those chips are, any privacy we think we have now, would be totally gone.
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