xbox 360 gamertags.

Hi instructables. I just wanted this to be a forum so we can get to know each other's xbox 360 gamertags. Pls. post yours. P.s. mines is Y3ahWhat3v3r P.P.S. I'll send you all friend requests if you want.

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FatherPassarell I play COD4 and sometimes gears i might be getting Cod5
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  Broncosguy247 years ago
are you a priest?
sboy3658 years ago
I don't have one, my dad has got airfreshner
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  sboy3657 years ago
ExtraAngry Bolt Fell free to add me, especially if you play Halo 3
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
heck yeah!
Murdercyclist ...but I only play Halo 3.
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  murdercyclist8 years ago
yeah mostly the same here!
My is Sazze1337 . I play most naruto brokend bond right now. I'm from Sweden
Der Bradly8 years ago
A Guy With a M4
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