xm8 with new mag:D

I made these guns a few weeks ago, it are two different types of the xm8 with different mags.I hope you like it. p.s. the stock is very crappy:P

Picture of xm8 with new mag:D
Picture 46.jpg
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Dutchj10 years ago
Curved mags are cool, but does it actually work? It looks like it might. Pretty cool gun by the way.
killer6 (author)  Dutchj10 years ago
it works really good, it jams really often. i use them on other guns too.
Dutchj killer610 years ago
How can it jam often and work really good at the same time? That's kind of contradictive. I prefer my mags don't jam.
killer6 (author)  Dutchj10 years ago
srry im from the netherlands and my english isnt too good. i mean that it jams allmost never
Dutchj killer610 years ago
Lol, you're giving decent Dutch people like me a bad name :p why does no-one get that my name means I am Dutch? Are you gonna post this gun?
killer6 (author)  Dutchj10 years ago
i think im going to post this gun. and maybe im gonna post my g36 too. ive a picture of it.
Picture 49.jpg
not bad but the stock needs a little more support
Kaiven9 years ago
cule (cool :P) :D>
bradleyJOHN9 years ago
are you going to post these??
killer6 (author) 10 years ago