yet again another knex rifle forum

this is just another forum to ask wether or not to post me auto load true trigger rifle here are som pics: UPDATE: i have changed the stock will post soon

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MI69 years ago
Links between stock, barrel and handle are weak, but i like it - could be a good sniper.
smidge14710 years ago
im sorry it looks not very well designed but oh well gd gun.(first comment)
adamsdead (author)  smidge14710 years ago
thats ok. if noone likes it ill destroy it and make a dffrent one i thought someone might like it for the true trigger
i think you should post
adamsdead (author)  knexbldr88810 years ago
yeh i think it needs posting i need a rifle kinda like the and i would like to build it and mod it a bit plz post it:P btw: its a great gun
Vynash smidge14710 years ago
ahahahhhahahaahahaahhahahahahahahahaha you said first comment ahahahhahahhahaaahahahahahahahhahahhaaha
Easy Button10 years ago
i like it please post better than your other one
adamsdead (author)  Easy Button10 years ago
ive upgraded
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