you wont see me for a while

im going to visit my mom in Reno, NV, if you want hit me up, on sadlier way in the brown apartments on the edge of sparks, well see you later. hey, feed my birds while im gone. lol.

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Keith-Kid9 years ago
lol, did it get flagged?
Yerboogieman (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
Yerboogieman (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
pretty much, why? cause im a class-hole'class-hole
Kiteman9 years ago
If somebody is as busy around the place as K_A is starting to be, they'd be missed if they disappeared without notice.

Just imagine how worried you'd have been if GH hadn't warned us he was going into hospital. (OK, how much more worried you'd have been.)

What if W'berg, Adrian, forgesmith, whatsisface (or myself) suddenly stopped posting without warning? How much would you panic then?
Meh, I have cardboard cutouts of all of you. I'd just comment for you...
...edges slowly away...

Yes, Keith-Kid, whatever you say Keith-Kid...
P.S.: Shouldn't it be Edges away slowly?
No, it's acceptable either way.
Oh, ok.
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