your holiday tradition nobody else has

I have recently become curious about holiday traditions that people have that no one else has. This curiosity began when I contacted a holiday historian about a tradition passed down in my own family. The historian felt this originated within my family, though it has elements similar to England's plum Pudding ( my gm was half English) . My best guess is that my grandmother came up this ( a gift filled Christmas Pie) out of a desire to make a meager Christmas special early in her marriage. We have a second tradition that I started. It is a house elf, who writes letters year around and visits for two weeks at Christmas. I called on him because of my daughter's terror of Santa, whom she called the Claws. Both these traditions were likely born of need, and because they served their purpose well, were embraced and stayed. Now I am curious about others. Do you have a tradition you will share?

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monsterlego6 years ago
We don't give Santa milk, he gets beer. :)
For Thanksgiving we have the traditional dinner with all the fixings. Then for Christmas we pick an entirely different cuisine, such as Thai, Mexican, Greek, etc.
kylekosan236 years ago
on christmas eve we open all of the cards sent by relatives
aytch9 years ago
Does your Christmas Pie have actual pie? My family also does a Christmas Pie (which is also what we call it) which I thought my grandmother created. My mother just told me that my grandmother's family did something similar when she was a child, but it was in a pie pan which is why they call it a Christmas pie. Anyway, our Christmas pie has no food involved- Just small gifts each tied to strings which hang out of the wrapping paper covering the bowl. So what you see is a wraping paper covered bowl with strings hanging out of it. My grandmother passed away last year, so this year I made a Christmas Pie for my 3rd grade class. They LOVED it! Everyone stands/sits around the "pie" and all pull on a string at the same time. It's pianata-like. Same as yours?
Ezza11 years ago
My family has an unusual and interesting tradition: For 24 days in the lead up to christmas, we have a kind of reverse advent calender. Each day, somebody ties a small wrapped-up gift to the calender, on the corresponding date on the calender. On christmas day, we all gather round to pick a number out of a hat. The number we pick is the present we get from the calender. We usually trade items afterwards if we dont like them.
echinopsis11 years ago
Well acorniv, it may very well be that it was your grandmothers original idea to put gifts in a pie, but there are similar traditions in France and Germany. I don't know too much about France, but during the middle ages for example, the men of villages in Rhineland-Palatinate used to gather at the beginning of the Fasching-(Fastnacht-, Fasnet-) season and ate a cake which contained a single bean. Whoever found the bean in his piece of cake was proclaimed the king for the entire season that the rest of the men had to serve. Which sounds great at first , but - the King was also responsible for the wellbeing of his servants, which included free (of course alcoholic) drinks for the entire evening. And that could amount to quite a bit... This tradition has been revived a couple of years ago and somewhat changed by some students. Now there are 2 cakes, one for men and one for women and a "stylish" coronation ceremony takes place where king and queen may each name one of the people attending their personal servant of the evening. Serving king or queen does not only mean fetching food or drinks, but may also result in doing rather silly things like dressing up like a jester and reciting poems while laying on the floor with hands and feet sticking up in the air. I oughta know, because I've been proclaimed the "Queen of Beans" a couple of years ago myself...:-) Note: I could not do a proper spellchecking because the ads on the right hand of this site cover about 2" of whatever I wrote. I hope this gets fixed pretty soon because it's really not very much fun to post something under these conditions.
Dr. No11 years ago
yeah, i sit on my aunts couch for five hours before and after thanksgiving dinner while my parents talk to all of our relatives