zaks 6gun

hey guys i am a big fan of zaks guns and this time i was wondering if any o you knexer had internal pictures of his 6gun, mainly the bullet lock and trigger area.

thanks Dan.

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DJ Radio7 years ago
Don't bother building it, it didn't work too well aside from the trigger.  The design was nice and clean and the trigger was great but other than that, performance was weak.
money maker (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
I know I've decide not to built it, instead i built zaks not a rectangle since he gave me internal pictures.  
Omg I really need internal pics PLEASE!
money maker (author)  Vynash7 years ago
why don't you just ask zak on his youtube account he will give them to you.

Sadly... I'm not aloud on youtube... So I'd really appreciate it if you gave me internals, I will 5* all your stuff and subscribe to you if you send them to me.

Why can't you go on youtube?
Mom's internet blocker, she thinks YT is bad, when she uses it a lot lol..
Lol yeah its pretty funny :P
lol, yeah..
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