zombies are they real?

are thoe things real?or just an imganation? can such an acolapse happen?

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Qcks5 years ago
mmm.... being that zombies are a complex and diverse subject, i'd say.. it depends on what facet of zombies you focus on. There maybe small slivers of truth in the idea.

Largely though... the answer is no. it's too grandly embellished to be something that's a possibility.
RedRock5 years ago
That's up to you. They are as real as your belief in them - like everything in this world. What we believe - is.

Take money - we believe in the value as printed thereon, we work at specific tasks for specified periods so that at the end of the day we shall have obtained some, so as to be able to pass this on to others who also believe in exchange for something we want .

But what is it really? ......printed paper with no real value attached at all - no gold bullion in Govt. reserves to match that which is printed, no nutrional value - can't eat it - can't plant it to feed ourselves, no fertilizer value

So billions of people around the world wake up every morning to chase down some printed paper that has no value at all - the majority of these people are not stupid they know it's printed paper yet they believe so much more and so it becomes that.

If you ask me that's waaayy scarier than zombies
there's a fungus that attatches itself to (i think dead) ants then "re animates" them (makes them walk) to a suitible location to grow.
blkhawk5 years ago
Zombies are a popular myth. Once it was believe that practitioners of Haitian Voodoo used a toxin from the Puffer fish on their victims in order to control them.
Nat2020 blkhawk5 years ago
The Puffer fish poison was only one of the ingredients in the recipe: http://www.dhushara.com/book/med/zombie.htm
Kiteman5 years ago
Zombie snails are real.
There are quite a few animals considered Zombies...
monsterlego5 years ago
Depends what you view zombies as, zombie means "eater of flesh" so any one could be a zombie except vegans.
Where do you get "eater of flesh" from?

zom (misspelled soma) ?
I dunno, i heard it more than once.
Um, no it does not. It means "reanimated corpse" or "ghost". Perhaps you are thinking of "cannibal", or maybe "sarcasm"?
Weird, i guess I'm wrong then.
FoolishSage5 years ago
Voodoo zombies are discussable. Movie zombies are fiction. Zombie ants are REAL:

caitlinsdad5 years ago
I've been told once the hipsters got a hold of them, they got killed off. Never saw it coming. :(