First Prize (7 winners)

  • Create a Perfectly White Background and Wet Effects
    Create a Perfectly White Background and We…
    by AngryRedhead

    I haven't ever had as much luck growing tomatoes as I have this year, and I'm pretty sure it's the result of double digging, adding amendments, watering regularly, and getting the dang plants in the ground at the right time.  You can see more of my garden here.  Now I have my first ripe tomato of…

  • Blueberries Jubilee Cupcake
    Blueberries Jubilee Cupcake
    by annahowardshaw

    Cherries seem to be the only ones who get to have a jubilee, but there is no reason blueberries can't have a fire party if they want to... This dessert of lemony cake, fresh blueberries and ice cream make a great finale to any summer picnic or BBQ! Tools Mixing bowl Mixer Cupcake pan Saucepan …

  • G&T Jelly
    G&T Jelly
    by cluracon

    Glowing, quivering and looking more like an alien invasion than something you should put in your mouth, gin & tonic jelly (jello for those in North America) packs a real punch. Inspired by Bompas & Parr (the Blumenthal's of the jelly world) this uses the naturally flourescent quinine in Indian t…

  • Exploding Chest Zombie Plushie
    Exploding Chest Zombie Plushie
    by emilygraceking

    We all love Zombies. We all love to imagine yanking the guts out of zombies. Now you can! I made this zombie plushie (her name is Brigitta) for a friend for her birthday. I figured Brigitta needed a lil' zombie pet, so I painted a plaster cat figurine to be Brigitta's friend in a zombie world. T…

  • Trash Into Table!
    Trash Into Table!
    by LuciaC

    I made this vibrant yellow table out of trash...yes trash! All of the materials were found at the landfill, in dumpsters, or were on their way to the landfill. The tabletop was a vent grate, which I decorated by weaving squares of  colored telecommunication through the openings. The frame of the …

  • (PURPLE) Robo-Beetle!
    (PURPLE) Robo-Beetle!
    by M.C. Langer

    Do you want a pet for your home, and you don't like puppies or cats? I made a beetle using a purple plastic case and pieces of dead computers. The legs are from the frame of a PC screen filter. For the movement, I use a toy motor with gear box. The eye is a red LED inside a roll-on deodorant bal…

  • Orange Dreamcicle Cupcakes (photos only)
    Orange Dreamcicle Cupcakes (photos only)
    by shesparticular

    Orange Dreamcicles are one of those awesome treats that just scream summer. The combination of slightly tart orange and sweet creamy vanilla just can't be beat, and making them inside fresh orange rinds makes them extra special (and delicious). If these photos have your mouth watering and you ne…

Colors of the Rainbow Contest




days left



For seven weeks, we're asking for your best Photo Instructables based on that week's color. Each Monday we'll announce a new color of the week. At the end of the contest we'll name a winner in each color category. You could win an awesome Nikon Coolpix digital camera!

Week 7: Ultraviolet themed Photo Instructables!

Each week we're adding to the rainbow, so as of Week 7, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and ultraviolet Photo Instructables are accepted.

Create a Photo Instructable with the predominant theme and you'll be entered to win! All photos must be of a finished project you have made. No stock photography will be accepted.

Ready to start? Click here!

Multiple entries are accepted, but each entrant can only win one prize. Contest is open to international entries. Contest closes for entries at 11:59pm PDT, July 3.


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