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Calling all makers. Artists. Creators. Builders. Students. Professionals. Hobbyists.

We're changing how a design competition is run by opening it up to everyone. If you've created something for a course, a client, or just for fun, show us what you did and how you did it. Whether your goal is to inspire others, show off, or win stuff, Instructables is the platform for people to share what they make.

The Instructables Design Competition is open to everyone who makes something that can be reasonably described as "art" or "design." Share your 3D printed, microcontrolled, animated, photographic, sculpted, canvassy, fabricated, fashionable, jewelled, furnished, automotive, or graphic project to win a laser cutter, a laptop, and a DSLR.

Bottom line: share your art or design project to win a Full Spectrum laser cutter, MacBook Pro, and a DSLR.

Sustainability Prize

The Autodesk Sustainability team will reward the entry that demonstrates the best use of sustainable design with a special judge's prize: $1500 at Highland Woodworking.

See the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop website for resources! 

AFSF Prize

The America's Cup yacht races are happening in San Francisco. To celebrate this international yachting competition The Architecture Foundation of San Francisco is partnering with us to run a yacht design competition to kick off the America's Cup events in San Francisco.

Simply design an America's Cup racing vessel, create a virtual or physical model, and enter the contest.

For more information go to: OR

Groups will be given the opportunity to apply for a range of valuable tools that they will receive as part of their sponsorship including: Desktop CNC router, 3D printer, and electronics packages.

The artist-in-residence (AIR) program gives artists, designers and Instructables authors a chance to work with us in our lab and workshops to explore, create, and document innovative projects with our tools and resources and share them with the DIY community


Multiple entries are accepted, but each entrant can only win one prize. Contest is open to entries from US, Canada [excluding Quebec], UK, China, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, India, and Denmark. Contest closes for entries at 11:59pm PT, January 28, 2013.

The winner(s) will be solely responsible for complying with any and all applicable statutes, laws (including, without limitation, common law, if applicable), rules and regulations and for bearing any personal income tax, VAT, withholding taxes, customs duties, or other taxes, fees, insurance, surcharges or other costs relating to receiving, claiming or collecting any prize.

Eric Wilhelm
Founder, Instructables

Eric co-founded Squid Labs in order to have impact through early-stage innovation. He spun Instructables out of Squid Labs which he now runs with a passion

Randy Sarafan
Technology Editor, Instructables

Randy Sarafan is the Technology Editor at and author of the books 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer (2010) and Simple Bots (2012). He was a resident with Eyebeam and is currently a Fellow with F.A.T. (Free Art and Technology) Lab.

Axel Kilian
Assistant Professor at the Princeton University School of Architecture

Axel Kilian is an Assistant Professor at the Princeton University School of Architecture. He previously taught Computational Design at TU Delft and at the Department of Architecture at MIT. In 2006 he completed a PhD in Computation at MIT on design exploration. Mr. Kilian has lectured widely and published extensively in technical journals. His publications include Architectural Geometry (Exton, PA: Bentley Institute Press, 2007) together with H. Pottmann, A. Asperl, and M. Hofer.

Mitchell Heinrich

Mitchell Heinrich once won the silver ribbon in the 100 yard dash at his 3rd grade field day. He currently works as a hardware designer on secret projects at Google X.


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