First Prize
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  • Forbes Teach Me Fast Tie Shoes Securely
    Forbes Teach Me Fast Tie Shoes Securely
    by abscam

    Quick 30 second video to improve something as simple as tying your shoe laces. We've all seen someone walking with their shoe laces untied or have had to tie a child's shoe laces over and over during the day. With a simple addition to the standard shoe lace knot you will not have to endure this…

  • 29.87 Second Underwater Camera
    29.87 Second Underwater Camera
    by Deathstick

    I made this so I could film my cute little daughter practicing blowing bubbles under water. I was amazed that it captured sound also. I used dish towels to hold the phone for two reasons, the first was that I was not sure if the plastic jar was water tight, I figured the cloth would catch any wat…

  • How to Dice an Onion Like a Pro!
    How to Dice an Onion Like a Pro!
    by engineeringnerd

    Dicing onions without crying isn't a difficult task. All it requires is sharp knife and slicing the onion in a specific way without crushing the cells to release less amino acid sulfoxides. By following these instructions you can keep your eyes drier and safely produce beautiful diced onions in a…

  • Beyond Belief and Back (in 30 secs.): An Optical Illusion
    Beyond Belief and Back (in 30 secs.): An O…
    by greeenpro

    If you've never seen this illusion before, prepare to be thoroughly baffled! It appears to be absolutely impossible. Fret not, though, because this video contains sufficient proof of its validity. This is a re-created version of Roger Shepard's "Turning the Tables" illusion. This visual pheno…

  • Magic with fire!
    Magic with fire!
    by Lowney

    Matchstick tricks. Booooooooring. Well this one isn't! Just watch. Oh, a few things: The only editing to this clip was: -the forbes logo at the beggining -the music -I cut the length down to the bare minimum, but no speeding up or slowing down was used. -The instructional text That's it. …

  • How to draw a perfect circle without a compass
    How to draw a perfect circle without a com…
    by vickkrish

    Draw a circle of any size without a compass! Follow the directions from the video. Tips: Make sure it is the thumb's nail that is touching the paper, as it will be smoother and easier when rotating the paper. To adjust the size of the circle, simply adjust where you are holding the pencil. …

Forbes Teach Me Fast Contest




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What's the coolest and most interesting thing you can explain in a video of 30 seconds or less? We want to know -- and to find out Instructables is teaming up with Forbes for the Teach Me Fast Contest!

To enter you need to submit a 30-second video here on Instructables that explains how to do something neat. Your project can be practical or fun, just keep it short and sweet! There's space to write up a bit of background - why you chose to demo this specific project, idea, or skill - as well as for any links you may want to include, so your video can be all about the action.

Check out the latest developments in web video according to Forbes reporters here. Then share with the world your best stuff.

To show your video was made for this contest, you need to start with a 2-second shot of the contest image! You can either print it out here and hold it up to the camera or add in this image here with video-editing software.

Here's an example:

Upload your video to your favorite hosting service (YouTube, Blip, Metacafe, etc) and embed it here then write up a brief bit of background and explanation, including any links you may need.

International entries are OK.
Multiple entries to the contest are allowed, but each entrant can only win one prize.

(How to Enter and Official Rules)


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