Share Your Space Prize

  • Closet Sewing Space
    Closet Sewing Space
    by AlpineButterfly

    Usually,  I tackle a project by recognizing a need, and then go about problem solving. In this case, I had a want... and it took me a few minutes to realize it was also a perfect solution! I fell in love with a small arts and crafts style desk at a local auction. But I couldn't really justify bu…

  • Renter's Workspace
    Renter's Workspace
    by annahowardshaw

    Without a garage or basement shop area, I have to intersperse project supplies among...pretty much everything else. Fortunately, I have landlords that don't mind occasionally hearing a drill or sander late at night.

  • My Workspace
    My Workspace
    by Anybodysguess

    This is where I build all of my mechanical and electrical projects.

  • New Garage/Shop
    New Garage/Shop
    by btmarney

    I waited two loooong years to begin this project.  When I was ready to start the first time, I found that it was directly over my drain field.  Of course, I could have redesigned my septic sytem, right?  Well, the City informed me that sewers were coming in two years.  To hook up to the sewer was…

  • My Workspace
    My Workspace
    by ChrysN

    Here are some photos of my workspace for the Share Your Space Contest. It's a bit modest since I live in a one bedroom condo. Instead of a shed, studio or workshop to work in I use my living room coffee table, dining room table and kitchen counter. The coffee table is great to work on since it …

  • The
    The "Cludgie" workshop
    by chuckstuff

    Welcome to my world - what used to be an stonebuilt outside toilet and coal store (common to my part of the world) has now been 'upgraded' to my workspace. This is an old pic, I've since managed to shoehorn in a small bandsaw... seriously!

  • Our work areas.
    Our work areas.
    by Computothought

    The room where It all started. My first instructable that has multiplied into more than 180 different instructables. Also the room I have been given the most grief. People might have realised there is a lot of time effort and materials that go into the projects. It would have been a bit nicer if …

  • How To Make A Great Workbench
    How To Make A Great Workbench
    by Creativeman

    I have made several of these benches over the years, and it was always the first thing I made when moving into a new house. I like to be organized, and figured it didn't hurt to make it look attractive as well. Basic woodworking skills and the tools that that requires are necessary for a project …

  • My brimming attic workspace
    My brimming attic workspace
    by Dave A

    After 10 years collecting stuff and making stuff I decided it was time to clean up my workspace. So it's never been this clean before and, although it's not completely finished yet, I'm very pleased with the results and even can walk trough it without stumbling over stuff. Aaah, what a relief! I…

  • Making Mantown
    Making Mantown
    by dirty_valentine

    This is a video I put together of the work I did to create my own man space, affectionately know as "Mantown" by friends and family. I put the video together in 2008, but this is the first time it has been published for public consumption. Be sure to stick around for the tour of the completed spa…

  • My awesome PC workspace
    My awesome PC workspace
    by dog digger

    Here are the parts of my computer setup this is my second instuctable but I have more to come don't forget to comment P.S  I'm only 13 So no bad comments

  • my warehouse loading dock, heated pool conversion.
    my warehouse loading dock, heated pool con…
    by dreamsound

    never planed on instructableing this so the pics are a bit limited.. i would say this sort of project is something that can be accomplished in a few days  basic understanding of pool plumbing and carpentry is necessary.. concept came after a long rain filled our warehouse loading with black di…

  • Outdoor Oasis
    Outdoor Oasis
    by flammablesquid

    For several years in a row we stupidly invested in expensive pre-feb screen rooms for buggy summer evenings. None of them survived through the next season. We decided to build our own. The original idea was a very simple screened in structure, but we managed to save a ton of money by purchasing s…

  • My basement workspace
    My basement workspace
    by flamming arrow

    This is where i hack, create, think, and invent.  

  • My humble work space.
    My humble work space.
    by friger

    I am spoiled, I admit it, I have a winter and summer shop to play with. I still need to get better organized in both places, and perhaps develop better habits, such as putting things away after I use them. But that's an argument my wife and I have frequently. The Summer shop does have some heat …

  • Developer Workspace
    Developer Workspace
    by ftking_83702

    I am a developer for an education company. We create projects using common manip systems (such as LEGO, fischertechnik, K'NEX, Baufix, Vex, Erector, Poly-M, Lincoln Logs, Minds-I, and Tamiya products to name a few). I share my office with another developer. (We have other developers, but they ten…

  • My Workspace
    My Workspace
    by geo526468

           This is my workspace, a corner in my basement where I can often be found tinkering and blaring Jack Johnson on my hacked-up radio.  It consists of an old and extremely large teachers desk, and a table-turned workbench.  In and on my desk I store the majority of my various parts and tools, …

  • Work area:  Filled to the brim
    Work area: Filled to the brim
    by Goodhart

    The following sequence of photos shows my assigned portion of a 20' X 18' room. Starting behind where I sit, and going clockwise, to the left of where I sit, then forward of where I sit, finally ending at the seat of (dis)honor and then my main seeing device. It is cramped at best, cluttered a…

  • Jons Second Workshop
    Jons Second Workshop
    by hightekrednek2396

    here is my second worshop more for the bigger things needed to be made soon there will be an addition of a shopbot prs alpha 96 if you like it let me know or if u want mor info  

  • Craft Technology Lab, CU Boulder
    Craft Technology Lab, CU Boulder
    by hypergami

    Welcome to our photographic tour through the Craft Technology Lab at CU Boulder.  The Craft Tech Lab is part of the computer science department, and is run by faculty Mike and Ann Eisenberg, with doctoral students Yingdan Huang, Jane Meyers, and Ben Leduc-Mills.

  • Share your Space entry
    Share your Space entry
    by Kirbsome!

    This is my space. I know I should have a proper workshop (and clean up now and then) but there's no room for that. Also, I'm lazy.   Edit: Oh yay! I won a Leatherman!

  • My two workspaces
    My two workspaces
    by knife141

    I have two main workspaces.  The first is my shop, which is primarily equipped for metal working, but I also do quite a bit of woodworking there as well.  The second workspace is the office in my home, where most of the design takes place.  I'll begin with the shop's workspace. The photo below…

  • Basement Workshop and Lab
    Basement Workshop and Lab
    by LargeMouthBass

    Here's my basement workshop.  I'ts great to have a place to work year around, rain or shine.  Needless to say I spend a lot of time here. 

  • Little Garage Workshop
    Little Garage Workshop
    by MechEngSk

    I have just recently moved to this rented property and it has an garage! The previous one did not and my tools were all over the house. as you can see I have to share the garage with a car. Actually two but the second one was not the at the time of making this indestructible. Having to share the…

  • Mhkabir's Room-cum-Workshop
    Mhkabir's Room-cum-Workshop
    by mhkabir

    Here are the pictures of my room and my workshop!! Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask about the things in my room. Some of the wooden furniture is of my own design and I hope you like them! I couldn't get pictures of my garage workshop today, and I will post 'em soon. Stay tuned for more pics.  B…

  • The Idea-factory established 1983
    The Idea-factory established 1983
    by Mimikry

    My workspace! OPEN DAY The Idea-factory (est.1983) OPEN DAY + visit my factory + see where the magic happens + follow the process of a project from idea to product I'm not a lousy drawer - that's what it actually lookes like :)

  • My Little Workshop/Utility Room/Cathouse.
    My Little Workshop/Utility Room/Cathouse.
    by Nostalgic Guy

    I got the phone call today telling me that my long awaited shoulder surgery is going to take place in just over three weeks. It will be the third crack at fixing an old injury & judging by past experience I won't be doing any sawing or hammering for a few months afterwards so all those little jo…

  • Paul's Electronics Pit
    Paul's Electronics Pit
    by pfred2

    I have taken a few pictures of my electronics corner in my garage for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy it! Pictures are presented in a basically clockwise pattern of my work area. Then I added a few projects in progress files as well.

  • My Workspace
    My Workspace
    by pizzidave

    This is my workspace which includes material storage, tools, instructional materials and an  inspiration wall. The close up pics detail the various items used in the workshop. Enjoy!!

  • My 'Man Cave' (my workspace)
    My 'Man Cave' (my workspace)
    by RicoSPD

    SImple picture of where I work on whatever project needs completing, from building bookshelves, a dollhouse, re-facing kitchen cabinets, to routine automotive maintenance.  It may not look like much, and I spent next to nothing getting it set up (gotta love Freecycle), but it works for me.

  • The Ultimate Workspace
    The Ultimate Workspace
    by robot19

    This workspace has a computer, soldering pad, drill press, tons of storage and more. I got this workbench about 2 years ago and it is perfect for the stuff i do. It is well lit and has plenty of room for me to spread out the project i'm working on. I use the computer for my CAD drawings and to lo…

  • Dorm Room Design
    Dorm Room Design
    by rwoelkers

    I'm in school right now to be an industrial designer and so I use most of my space for ideation, drawing, concept modeling, storing, and sleep once every blue moon. The main thing I would change is the organization of the space =( My favorite utility (besides my laptop) is my table. Someone had …

  • My
    My "workspace"
    by sarfitz

    This is where I spend 90% of my time. It's not very warm because it's the basement but the view out the window is great, I have tons of books to read, a comfy bed to nap in and really anything I need.

  • Mini Design Studio (2011)
    Mini Design Studio (2011)
    by sensoryhouse

    Here is my miniature media design studio. If you are jealous of the blue light then Click here! to learn to make your own.

  • SuperMatt's SuperBench : Bench / Workbench / Desk / Storage
    SuperMatt's SuperBench : Bench / Workbench…
    by SuperMatt

    see also : SuperMatt's SuperBlackBox : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the past I have been possessed of huge shops - the biggest probably 3000 square fee…

  • My Space
    My Space
    by Tater Zoid

    This is the space I used to create my "work". I am a photographer, videographer, tinkerer, costumer and general "artist" Shot and edited with iPhone 4.  Apps used were: iMajiCam Pro and Splice video editor. Music by Heyoka.

  • Sad, but true
    Sad, but true
    by Twotim221

    This is where I do my woodworking- sad isn't it. It is actually just a shipping container. Oh well, it gets the job done on a rainy day and it keeps the dust down. At least it's got air conditioning.

  • Udon's cafeteria/recycling-centre/sweatshop/workspace
    Udon's cafeteria/recycling-centre/sweatsho…
    by Udon

    This is where I do all my electronics stuff, whether it be (de)(re)soldering, looking at waveforms, studying, programming, or taking-apart. Pretty much everything you see was, until not too long ago, packed onto a single desk in my room. But because of the lack of space, as well as the thought…

  • My workspace
    My workspace
    by weswert

    My workspace. Pretty messy at the moment though...

  • zack247's workspace
    zack247's workspace
    by zack247

    So this is my workspace, and the computer i get all of my ideas from, there isn't much, but they didn't say that it had to look pretty either...

  • My Workspace
    My Workspace
    by zipzapper859

    This is my workspace in my garage and in my room. I usually don't work in my room but it is winter and really cold.  I am sorry it is disorganized and really cluttered. It is that way because like I said it is winter at the moment so i just put stuff out there. We, me and other friends, do a lot …

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Show off your workspace in the Share Your Space Challenge! Whether you're sewing or soldering, cooking or carving, welding or weaving, we want to see where the creative magic happens.

Anywhere you make, build, or create is eligible. Just document your workspace with photos and/or video, and post them as a Photo, Video, or Step-by-Step Instructable. Tell how you use your space, and be sure to point out anything you find particularly special, useful, or interesting. If you don't have a workspace, then share a rendering, drawing, or model of the space you WISH you had! We want to know what inspires you to start (and finish!) awesome projects.

The Share Your Space Challenge will run for four weeks. At the end of each week (Thurs. - Weds.) we'll randomly choose winners from ALL of the entries, so the earlier you enter the more chances you have to win! If your Photo Instructable is featured, you'll get an extra chance to win! 10 winners each week will win a Pro membership and 2 will win their choice of a Leatherman Squirt, stick blender,  or a rotary cutting set!h

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