Baron von Brunk

Acerca de: Baron von Brunk: original creator of the LEGO/Transformers/Game Boy mashup - featured in Nintendo Power, CNN Geekout, Tokyopop, Discovery Channel Canada, Kotaku, Gizmodo, and Nintendo Gamer magazine (U.K.)! Baron von Brunk is widely known as a master LEGO craftsman whose work has been published in multiple video game magazines, tech blogs, and has been showcased at an exhibit at Nintendo World Store's flagship location in New York. Julius is currently employed as a professional graphic designer for a sports promotion company in Long Island, and does freelance graphics for consumer electronics. Aside from being an overall quirky action figure aficionado and mutton chop extraordinaire, Julius is also a freelance burlesque promoter who aims to please the nerd girls of the scene!
Ubicación: Flushing, Queens, NY
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Intereses: LEGO bricks, tacos, Gundam, explosions, short-haired girls, heavy metal, bug spray, cats, paint thinner, nachos, transforming robots, vintage video games, pitying fools.
Sexo: Male


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