Acerca de: I love to build things. My love affair with destructing, constructing and reconstructing stuff began when I was very young. When I got a new toy the first thing I did was take it apart to find out how it worked. Of course in my day toys were not quite so complicated but had lots more parts! I learned a lot from taking those toys apart though...some I got back together some I didn't but either way I had a lot of fun. Starting in jr. high I began taking shop and electronics class and continued all through high school. This started a life long love affair with woodworking, electronics and technology. Well I'm a lot older now but not much wiser, I still buy toys just to tear them apart. The difference is today I try to make them into something more useful or just unusual. Hopefully I might give you some ideas!
Ubicación: Springfield, IL USA
Intereses: Computers and modding them, woodworking and just technology in general.
Sexo: Male