Spaceman Spiff

Acerca de: I love working with my hands. My interests are camping/outdoors, technology, and gardening. I live in Northern Idaho where I'm in retail management. I'm pursuing a degree in business management and hope to use it for good things! Growing up, Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite comic strip to read. I collected all the books and still enjoy pulling them out. His imagination reminds me of myself as a child, running around, being lost in my own world. My goal on this site is to win one of these blasted contests, just kidding, I love seeing what others have to make. The creativity of some of these contributors blows me away. I like to post my own stuff (yes, usually based around the contests) every now and then. It keeps me busy, and gives me a reason to learn new skills (and buy new tools) which is always a bonus!
Ubicación: Pacific Northwest
Página web: USBbricks
Edad: 30
Sexo: Guy