Introduction: !!! 5 People Bike !!!

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centralised brake system. 4 passengers-engine + 1 driver. Triangular shape. Front wheel with bi-conic rotating axe at the top of the triangle.

Step 1: Short Video - Synthetising

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We made this vehicule for the "ecolo parade 2003" in Paris, the green party. This is afor 4 pedalibng people, and 1 driving.

Step 2: Soldering Prototype

Picture of Soldering Prototype

this is the making of the prototype suspended while soldering.

Step 3: The First Prototype, 2 Front Wheels

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we wanted to make it stable and strong so the first prototype had two front forks. It wasn't a good idea ... the original normal bike axes weren't strong enough ...

Step 4: Prototype, Back

Picture of Prototype, Back

The handles for the engine-pedaling people are missing.
A wheel was missing ... the structure was too rigid so most of the time only 2 wheel were touching the road _ so only two people pedaling for real !

This prototype was so dangerous, it had no brake, we destroyed a police car in the midle of the night ...

Step 5: Final Prototype !

Picture of Final Prototype !

finally we used this one for the protest ! It was working so perfectly !

Step 6: Little Black Kddies Squatting My Bike

Picture of Little Black Kddies Squatting My Bike

The only we had was the popularity of the bike !!!!we ended being 10 people on the bike at the same time ... we really had to consider this ... hehe !

Step 7: Look at the Video ! It Says Everything !

Picture of Look at the Video ! It Says Everything !
I know this is not instructable enough for now, not enough details ... I made a professional version of this with all the norms, calculations of structures, detailled maps and I'll put them on-line soon ! come back soon !!! THANK YOU !

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Swansong (author)2017-10-06

That's a really fun design! It looks like it worked out pretty well for the parade :)

kee gee (author)2010-03-26

i like that

SophiRoseyHeather (author)2007-05-18

Can you please make us one? This is amazing. We are very keen on bicycles and how they work. Please get back to us, And please read our instructable, we hope you find it extremely useful. Much love xxx

Professor Tor Coolguy (author)2007-04-25

its inovative,but how much time do you have on your hands to come up and build THAT!?

IdahoDavid (author)2007-02-06

I see the potential for this on a modified scale for a family-friendly urban vehicle,perhaps with a basket or groceries and a child safety seat in the center. I can see it working.

cesar harada (author)IdahoDavid2007-02-09

We are also working on a foldable version for the family : it's so big, how to store such thing ? hehe ! So you are absolutely right, lot of work enhancing it still. And safety, as you mentionned, is the major issue (and also maybe the price of production). I know there is a square cycle, 4 people, less impressive, but more like a car and fancier ... But do you really think we'd get people buying it ? How much would people be ready to invest to buy such a thing ?

richdoe (author)cesar harada2007-04-16

DEFINITELY The only "bike car" company I've heard of sells those things for $2000! And you could definitely sell them made to order if you like. If I could get my dad to chip in, I'd buy one!

IdahoDavid (author)cesar harada2007-02-09

I think that there are many people ready for an alternative to the gas-powered car especially for short, in-town trips. It's just a matter of offering the people technology that makes sense and local governments creating conditions that allow people to use it. I beleive it all has to start at the grassroots level.

tribulus (author)2007-02-14

Nice. Sorry to jump on you about that, I just can't stand people who get too uptight about things like that. For example, you mentioned homophobia. I happen to be openly bisexual and a lot of my friends get uptight when they hear someone say something like, "that's gay" or "dude you're such a fag". But I tell them, who cares obviously that is a part of their vocabulary and if they feel the need to degrade their intelligence like that then let them. I don't see anyone getting uptight about the word "bitch" being used inappropriately around female dogs, so why should I get upset because some teenager wants to impress his friend with his "taboo" vocabulary?

fretthefred (author)2007-02-11

i think that a intresting possability would to set up the bikes in rows. like you could attach two tandem bikes next to each other inside a square frame like you did. and put a lead bike in front. the brakes would be tricky though.

gowithflo (author)2007-02-04

"little black kddies squatting my bike" ???? the way you say that sounds really racist in a way that you probably dont even know you are being racist. Like hey I'm white! and isnt it awesome that BLACK kids are on my bike??? actually you sound a little threatened when you use the word "squatting" maybe you did feel threatened. Anyway I'm not trying to flame or whatever, I like your project a lot and it is out of respect that I wanted to let you know that reading that title made my stomach lurch with nausea, and probably for others as well. All you need to say is "wow 10 kids on my bike", we can all see they are black, which is not really important, ....or is it?

cesar harada (author)gowithflo2007-02-09

You american are soooo politicaly correct ! YOU MAD AXE OF THE GOOD ! Me and Nasser did this in our neighbourhood, it's mutli-cultural, cesar = half asian, nasser = arabic, most of ours friends are coloured or what so ever, we make racist jokes all the time, and we have a lot of fun !!!! Let's make racist joke to let you know we are not !! HEHEHEHE !! keep it cool and protest against war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but let's not start political, it's not the right place ! PEACE TO ALL INVENTORS ! STOP VIOLENCE, let's make some racist jokes before we go to jail ! PEACE and LOVE

gowithflo (author)cesar harada2007-02-11

Can I have a T shirt that says "MAD AXE OF THE GOOD" ?

tribulus (author)gowithflo2007-02-08

Dude, he's from France. First of all, his english probably isn't quite what you are expecting. Second of all he doesn't come across as racist to me at all while you sort of do. He simply says there are some black kids (i assume he meant to use the word sitting) on my bike. And from what I can see, these kids are very black...not to mention cute! So maybe you should just calm down, relax, and embrace the diversity of the world around you.

cesar harada (author)tribulus2007-02-09

yes ! he's right ! we also listen to hip hop and wear baggy jeans ! Michael Jackson DID mistake ! Black is beautifull !

gowithflo (author)cesar harada2007-02-11

We agree on Micheal Jackson, total mistake all over the place.

gowithflo (author)tribulus2007-02-11

yeah I didnt catch that he wasn't an American English speaker when I first commented, but having spent the first third of my life growing up in Europe I can safely say that racism is getting worse there than it is here, because it's new, and apparently cultural appropriation is a valid means of claiming to be "not racist" (" I listen to hip hop so ...") . Here we have been dealing with the repercussions of slavery and language longer, some of us still haven't dealt with our ingrained racism at all, while others are trying to negotiate the territory of privilege. By the way I am totally calm, relaxed and embracing the diversity around me. I just think anytime, any place is as good as any to talk about racism, sexism, homophobia, privilege in all our cultures. So I'm just talking, not attacking, trying to have a conversation here if anyone wants to.

animaldito (author)2007-02-09

levier = lever
central lever : )

cesar harada (author)animaldito2007-02-09

merci monsieur !

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-02-05

Thats 1 of the most ghetto things iv ever seen in my lifetime(

we are ghetto

The Leo (author)2007-02-04

No worries for you when the world's oil runs out then? :)

nasser (author)The Leo2007-02-04

to drive this vehicle we drink oil, so they might be a problem for us. Maybe we should wear solar panels ??? what do you think !!!!? please !

Crash2108 (author)2007-02-04

Looks like you can fit about 3 more passengers on the back.

nasser (author)Crash21082007-02-04

true, but the balance starts to be very hazardous than .... I love it with 10 people, completely bending : testing every welds ... hehehe ! I must be silly but i love the sound of mecanic crying a little bit, the effort sound, don't you !?

Lord_Vader (author)2007-02-03

This made me say "RoFL" coooool

jtobako (author)Lord_Vader2007-02-04

made you say "rolling on the floor laughing"? i think the driver should have to pedal...

nasser (author)jtobako2007-02-04

you are perfectly right, but as i am the driver i must disagree. ... be nice policy heheheh !

nasser (author)Lord_Vader2007-02-04

what RoFL means ?

psychotron (author)2007-02-04

Pretty cool, do you have any problems with brake/power balancing issues causing you to need to make steering corrections? Perhaps not if you never go over ~5mph or so...

nasser (author)psychotron2007-02-04

thanx !!! We have no problem with power and balancing : the problem we have is that this machine is wide like a truck ( almost 3 meters !) and in Paris we already destroyed a police car at night, so we have been warned .... The brake system is almost to strong : the centralized "levier" (how do you say this in english?) is supa dupa powerfull !

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