$1 Ipod to Stereo Connection





Introduction: $1 Ipod to Stereo Connection

For some reason people are surprised when I tell them this, so I decided I'd post it for all. This works for anything that has a headphone jack (e.g. laptop or desktop computer, cell phone, walkman, etc).

You just have to buy a $1 cable from a dollar store.
Picture 1

Plug one end into your ipod's earphone jack, the other end into your stereo's "aux in" or "video aux in" jacks (red and white).
Pictures 2 and 3

Then click your stereo buttons to put it into "aux mode" and press play on your ipod.
Picture 4




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    I would improve this by using an LOD cable or LOD to female 3.5mm to female 3.5mm adapter.

    Amplifying fro the headphone jack will cause unnessesary distortion and artifact in the music.


    Good lord. You need to learn a thing or two about a thing called impedance. This is why you shouldn't dabble in electronics if you don't have a clue about it.

    are you talking to me? I trust no

    I was referring to people who plug any electronic device into their instrument's amplifier. It's not meant for that kind of load.

    _what isn't made for _what kind of load? what's the 'instrument' your talking about? are you on drugs?

    Looks like my statement does apply to you!

    There are quite a few people out there who are using this simple jack to play their music NOT through their auxilary stereo input, but rather an input jack on an amplifier (I've seen more than one supporting this usage on a guitar amplifier) I was just clarifying that point, as it can destroy expensive equipment.

    As for that last bit, I'm sober, as of right now.

    electric guitars can output over 1V from their pickups, so if you don't turn the volume up on your ipod should be fine (to keep the ipod output well below it's 5v max). Even if you turn the ipod volume up all the way (so that the loudest music causes 5V output) should be ok as each of those 5v pulses are very short (just the very short crest(s) of a sinusoidal sound wave). I agree there is a possibility (although slight) of damaging your guitar amp if you're using it in that way.

    It's not about voltage, it's about the impedance. Very big difference.

    actually V=IR   and impedance is closely related to resistance, so it is indeed about voltage too. So the fact that ipods can vary their voltage output (by adjusting volume), should matter. This webpage (http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/audio/imped.html) seems to corroborate this and mentions that in addition, modern amplifiers solve most problems of impedance matching. Is your background in electrical guitar use? Cause as far as I know their voltage output ranges can't be adjusted, also I'm not sure on how much current they are capable of outputting,..