Introduction: $100 Super Bright Flashlight for Under $10!

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Let me say right up front that inspiration for this Instructable is credited to dchall8 for his Tactical Flashlight Instructable. I thought there had to be an easier way to mod a smaller flashlight with less hardware and one that took less time. I put this one to the test against my Surefire E2 that cost $95.

Watch the video for Test Results! You will be suprised!

Step 1: Here Is All You Need...

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1. Eveready Contractor Industrial Flashlight
Model #IN215WB-S. These are impact-resistant with a heavy-duty casing that withstands a 5-foot drop test on concrete. Resistant to grease, oil, gasoline and solvents. Shock- and corrosion-resistant.

Step 2: Item #2

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Three (3) 123 3 volt Lithium Batteries.

I chose Duracell Ultra but you can find them CHEAP HERE!

Step 3: Item #3

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One (1) Radio Shack KPR112 Krypton Flashlight Bulb

Step 4: Last Item

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5/8" Drill Bit or file.

Step 5: EZ Steps...

1. Disassemble the flashlight, removing the AA batteries (if installed) and factory lamp. Unscrew the top and then unscrew the small lamp housing to get to the lamp.
2. Install the Radio Shack lamp and re-assemble the housing
3. Drill or file down the ridges inside the flashlight to make room for the 123 batteries
4. Install the 3 Lithium Ion batteries and screw on the bottom.
5. Turn it on!
(Optional: I painted mine black satin to make it look like the real thing...and it IS!)

Here is the video of the whole project along with Test Results! Enjoy!


ReCreate (author)2009-01-27

This is pointless. You change the bulb to a higher voltage one and overpower it and call it a super bright flashlight? i give it a 0\5

Shagglepuff (author)ReCreate2009-11-20

Umm, yeah, that's how you mod a flashlight, and it works...

ReCreate (author)Shagglepuff2009-11-21

Its not a mod, it is simply changing components, Did you know that kipkay makes profit every time you watch one of his videos?

Shagglepuff (author)ReCreate2009-11-21

But isn't a mod basicaly making some do something it normally wouldn't do?

ReCreate (author)Shagglepuff2009-11-21

Its overpowering a bulb.

Shagglepuff (author)ReCreate2009-11-22

...and thats a mod. You could save a lot of money just by building this.

ReCreate (author)Shagglepuff2009-11-22

Not at all, In fact, An overheating bulb can cost you a lot more than 100. AKA fire

Shagglepuff (author)ReCreate2009-11-24

..but the bulb doesn't overheat.

ajax517 (author)Shagglepuff2010-01-11

Actually the bulb does over heat and it melts the plastic lens if you let it run over 10 minutes.

@ReCreate: How is changing parts not a mod?  If you change the OEM parts on your car is it not referred to as MOD-ified?  And not that it matters but who cares if KipKay makes money from his videos?  No one is forced to pay and watch them.

jdayer (author)ajax5172015-05-29

ajax517, I made this with a maglite 6 cell Krypton replacement bulb (LWSA601) and it melted the flashlight just as quickly as over powering a 6v bulb. Now I use a 3watt 4.5v-9v bulb and 2 14500 batteries. Really easy, and in good flashlights the heat disipation is okay.

Shagglepuff (author)ajax5172010-01-11

 Eh, I'll never run it over 10 minutes anyways.
Agreed with the second part, though.

TarzanJr (author)Shagglepuff2010-01-12

 ajax517 over powering a bulb is a mod just a basic one  (plus mod is so broadly used now it not even funny) and second depending on how much voltage is added to the the bulb at normal will over heat it and make a fire. but the fire will not be like and explosion of mass destruction the light bulb that he is using has a non-flammable gas in it and there is nothing on that flashlight that would combust so where would the fire go?

ajax517 (author)TarzanJr2010-01-12

The light itself probably won't catch fire but left near anything combustible it could very likely start a fire.

Shagglepuff (author)ajax5172010-01-17

Wait, so this is a burning flashlight??? THAT"S MOAR EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

lolzertank (author)ReCreate2009-07-03

Thats what a lot of people do on, except with flashlights like maglites and halogen bulbs sometimes exceeding 200 watts. And those are really, really, really, really, really, really bright.

fight4gipper1 (author)2011-04-30


I built this, though during the process I destroyed the piece of metal that runs along the flashlight to connect the negative to the bulb.

Is this an easy fix??? Any help??

jdayer (author)fight4gipper12015-05-29

Use 2 3.7v 14500 Lithium batteries and you won't need the drill. Yeah, you lose 1.6v, but, really, is the difference between a 5 cell bulb and a 6 cell bulb really that big a deal? I use a 3watt 4.5v to 6v LED.

ilpug (author)fight4gipper12011-08-23

replace the metal strip with a peice of wire.

jdayer made it! (author)2015-05-29

I made this a few years ago, and as stated, the reflector and lens melts pretty quickly. I bought a 2AA angle head with a better, metal dissipater, stuck a couple of 14500 batteries in it (3.7v Lithium) and a 3watt LED designed for 4.5v and up flashlights. That works much better. I've had it a few years now, carried it around a bit, and have not had any problems.

tiredlumens (author)2014-09-02

I like a good quality led flashlight but i find myself usually grabbing one of my reliable modded Incan flashlights instead. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has noticed this but whenever It is foggy, rainy, or snowy outside, Incan flashlights seem to cut through it better than led.

ShaunHill (author)2011-11-22

I want this but using LEDs instead!

2NP1NS (author)2010-12-19


PerfectPantaloons (author)2010-11-04

Why not use a High Intesity LED for this??? I modded a little pen light i had and stuffed 7 of them into it and the shot about 90 feet and almost blinded my friend

Edge (author)2008-08-13

could you fit in a halogen bulb?

Jugfet (author)Edge2009-05-14

why bother with halogen or krypton? LED 's are the way forward now. Save your pocket and the planet.

dpr (author)Jugfet2009-12-26

 because led dont travel very far the light disperses

Lushie (author)dpr2010-07-29

Not necessarily. Some LEDs now come with lenses over the emitter. Combine that with a good reflector and you can have a search light in your pocket. I built one such combination that easily out performs all my 6v volt incandescent lights.

branfrog (author)Jugfet2009-07-09

I actually don't like LED flashlights for functional illumination if its the only available light source. In true darkness, it seems to throw out a false light and makes certain surfaces glow like a black light. For intensive purposes incandescent are still superior to LEDS. Although I do hope they come up with new LEDs that will compete with a good incandescent.

Thenwcp (author)branfrog2009-07-26

Here's an experiment for you, use whatever camera on default settings, heck the camera can even be the now old shutter camera. Don't use flash and take a picture under an old fashioned light bulb, then take a picture under LED lighting, then take a picture outside. Both kinds of light will distort colors because neither is a true white, the incadescent bulb will have a yellowish/orange tint to it and the LED (provided its a white LED) will have kind of a blue tint. Your eyes are just so used to incadescents you don't see the difference with nothing to compare. In any case flash fixes all because it balances out the colors and gets rid of nasty shadows. So for functional illumination, which I presume your talking about an every day lamp, the LED is superior because of its efficiency and low cost, after few days your eyes won't know the difference.

lolzertank (author)Jugfet2009-06-14

Why bother? Halogen bulbs are far brighter.

Zod9876 (author)2010-06-03

 I have a cheaper way to drill out the flashlight body...Take 1/2" I.D. copper pipe.
Bore one end with a cheap cone shaped grinding wheel...Push tube into body and it will shave the plastic out of the body and save the filings in the tube ....Much less than a 5/8 drill bit.

Works great..


dchall8 (author)2007-05-31

NEWSFLASH: You can't do this with a Rayovac 2AA flashlight. The reason is the battery end is too small to fit the batteries. So drop them in from the bulb end, right? Well, sort of. You can drop them in from that side but they cannot fall all the way through to make room to screw the bulb end back on. Check out the pictures. Rayovac hole diameter is 0.60 inches Eveready hole diameter is 0.72 inches Battery diameter is 0.65 inches Thus, unless you drill out the barrel of the Rayovac, thus removing the brass electrical contact to the negative battery post, you can't use it. The second picture is the receipt, new bulb, and flashlight I just bought. NEWSFLASH: That Maglite 4-cell Xenon bulb went off like a flashbulb. So, for what that's worth... I didn't have a KPR112 so I went with a Maglite 6-cell bulb I had lying around. Nice beam. I can't wait for darkness now. Just 2 short more hours. Oh, I almost forgot. I was having trouble finding a 5/8-inch drill that wasn't going to cost me $25 plus a new chuck ($50). What I ended up with was a conical shaped grinding stone that happens to be 5/8-inch in diameter. I had to get an extra long shank for my drill, but the total cost for the two pieces was about $15. I got the stone and shank at Lowe's.

dchall8 (author)dchall82007-06-07

BAD NEWS REPORT: My Eveready 2AA conversion to 3CR123A melted down. Check out the picture. You can see the hole in the middle of the lens, that's easy. But look at the angle of the bulb holder/reflector assembly. That is supposed to point straight up. The problem, besides the fact that everything is melting, is that when the reflector melts, it is also holding the metal ring that contacts the copper strap leading up from the negative end of the batteries. So I lost the electrical contact and the light went out. Of course I was under the house at the time. Well I'm glad I tried it. Now what am I going to do for Christmas? The light had been on continuously for less than five minutes.

ReCreate (author)dchall82009-11-21


Yerboogieman (author)dchall82007-10-31

instead of that flashlight i'd use a cheap metal one...

chrisayad (author)Yerboogieman2008-05-16

good idea

chrisayad (author)dchall82008-05-16


splitfire11 (author)dchall82007-09-16

I went to Lowes and picked up the rayovac flashlight, since that is all they had. It took some coaxing with a drill and some elbow greese, but I got the batteries to fit in tightly and the light works. I didn't follow the exact procedure that kipkay used, but the light works better than when it came out of the package.

windsorbug (author)2009-10-03

great for 1 minute then the lens melts!

gbpackers (author)2009-08-08

Is there anyone like kipkay except easier? please help me

eeeXsmart (author)2009-03-25

sweet instructable! I've been looking for that flashlight and cant find the same one. So i looked for similar flahlight and it says they have krypton bulbs already in them. What should i do?

think2x (author)eeeXsmart2009-08-07

I finally found mine at an o'reilly auto parts but it was $8.

lolzertank (author)eeeXsmart2009-06-14

Buy the new bulb and replace the one already in the flashlight. Keep in mind, the CR123As are wider than a AA, so make sure you can widen the flashlight's inside to fit them.

think2x (author)2009-08-07

I actually built and LOVED this light until I left it on above a ceiling at work the other day and it melted the reflector. I left it for 30 minutes before I remembered to get it and had only used it in ten minute spurts otherwise.(I miss it) EXCELLENT output!

lilpepsikraker (author)2009-08-02

The batteries are not Lithium Ion. They are simply Lithium. Li-ons are rechargeable and are more powerful (3.6v VS 3v) than Lithium batteries. If anyone uses Lithium Ions (such as 14500's, they require no modding they are AA sized, only use two, as they are as powerful as 8.4v together sometimes.

moo of the cow (author)2009-06-25

coooooooool i might try it

Darter76 (author)2009-06-06

hav u heard about the torch it gets so hot. there is a video of someone making scrambled eggs on it and it setting fire to paper

lolzertank (author)Darter762009-06-14

Yum... would you like your eggs scrambled, sunny side up, boiled, or scrambled on an overdriven 12v 100w halogen lamp?

poozer42zer (author)2009-06-08

i like willquillin's idea to use a 6-cell maglite replacement bulb and i was just wondering how the use of a xenon bulb would compare to the krypton bulb used in the instructable. according to candle power forums the xenon bulb will produce a brighter light. does anyone have any input on this?

Namlem (author)2008-09-07

I tried this and the bulb burned out the moment I hooked it up. What gives?

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