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How to make a book into an iPod case.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
For this tutorial, you will need:
  • An iPod
  • A book that is OK to destroy
  • A ruler
  • An X-Acto Knife
  • A pair of headphones
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A pencil

Step 2: Measure

Picture of Measure
First, measure your iPod and your book. As you can see, my iPod is about 1cm thick, and my book is about 3cm thick. Figure out the distances needed to center your iPod in the book and mark the pages with the pencil.

Step 3: Trace

Picture of Trace
Next, place your iPod inside the book and trace it, leaving a small margin.

Step 4: Cardboard

Picture of Cardboard
Now, put the piece of cardboard in where you want to stop cutting.

Step 5: Cut

Picture of Cut
Start cutting with the X-Acto knife, following the drawn lines.

Step 6: Test it out

Picture of Test it out
After you have reached the cardboard, test out your hole by placing your iPod inside.

Step 7: Trace Headphones

Picture of Trace Headphones
Now, plug in your headphones and trace them.

Step 8: Cut Wire Hole

Picture of Cut Wire Hole
Next, cut the hole for the wire. This only needs to be a couple pages thick.

Step 9: Cut Headphone Plug Hole

Picture of Cut Headphone Plug Hole
Now, continue cutting just the hole for the headphone plug. This does not need to go all the way down.

Step 10: Check the fit

Picture of Check the fit
Finally, place your iPod and headphones in the holes.
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SparkySolar5 months ago

I just found such an old book I was going to dispose of

Now, I am measuring twice and cutting once

Thank you so much

AnooshI7 months ago

Such a cool idea to do with an old book. You really have a creative mind. I was always reluctant to throwing my old book in trash cans. Now, I am going to try this. Check out this Book of Books for more ideas by Altered Upcycling. You can even sign up on their website for free ebooks!

clark9813 years ago
What was the sync cable for???
NinJA999 (author)  clark9813 years ago
Charging your iPod up, of course!
ecaracap4 years ago
Nailed it! Made mine out of Harry Potter 1 (don't worry...I accidentally bought a second copy...I wouldn't destroy such a good book if I didn't have another copy!) I also put glue on the edges of the book as well as inside the cuts.
Gage9875 years ago
it's an "audiobook"
anthony8 years ago
Spiral binding version of this book might be easy to read .There are Audio books at which are meant for kids specially.
Thats the reagular AudioBook. This instructable was about the iPod/Mp3 AdioBook. I agree with NinJA999, The point is ITS NOT to be read.
NinJA999 (author)  anthony8 years ago
The point isn't for it to be read.
jmskho6 years ago
I really love this idea. I think it would be great to have these types of "cases" while traveling. Perhaps for a camera or other digital equipment to avoid getting them stolen. I would use a beat up old book that looks cheap. Great way to deter a thief.
baneat6 years ago
seriously don't take this on the bus or train if you don't want to be the subject of a supposed terrorist threat.
That comment made 0 sense.
that comment made sense, check out this story
Nope. I'm quite familiar with the story of instructable's own Star Simpson. You are comparing apples to giraffes. She was arrested for a misunderstanding involving electronics on a sweatshirt. But headphone wires coming out of a book are another story entirely. In fact, unless you are actually holding it in your hand, you can't tell that the person isn't just holding the book so that it obscures the view of their headphone wires.
a book with wires coming out of it. o_o
anadentone6 years ago
Cool instructable My niece saw this and made one for her ipod nano using one of those small cardboard baby books. (She stores that book on her desk that way my nephew wont come and steal it )
meanie. just kidding. ...unless she really did steal the book from your nephew.
Nah she stole it from some neighbor she was babysitting XD Thieving goign around alot XD
NinJA999 (author)  anadentone6 years ago
Wow, hope she likes it!
Oh yeah she loves it. My nephew thinks she no longer has it
Arbitror7 years ago
I was just about to make this same instructable! I already took some pics! I searched and searched, and found this, so I didn't want to copy you... Anyway, nice instructable.
As with the book safe, there are a couple things you can do to make this more stable; I used a sturdy liquid glue like PVA (Elmers would work too) and put several coats on the inside along the cut edges of the book where the ipod will fit. This makes it a lot more even inside, and also keeps the book together a little more. If you want this to be a really sturdy case, you can drill holes (through text block only, not covers); insert screw posts (you can get these at scrapbook and craft stores); paste on back cover; and paste in magnets for front cover closure (you can inbed these a couple pages down in text block and under a couple of pages glued to front cover). I'm even makeing mine with a little compartment inside to hold my headphones when not in use. I will post when I'm done :)
Darkshot7 years ago
cool idea for hiding your mp3 but idk about actually listening to it =/ original idea bro
NinJA999 (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
your welcome :]
wiiman077 years ago
mine got confiscated i never saw my ipod again...
NinJA999 (author)  wiiman077 years ago
Ouch, that's not good. Maybe I shoulda put some kind of a disclaimer on it...
Spinergy9 years ago
yes... gluing the pages together before & after your "start page" is a must, esp. with the pages notched for the cord exit. Also glue in two little neodymium magnets in the corners to keep the book shut.
It would work for other things in a book, but I wouldn't put magnets next to my MP3 player!
Magnets are not an issue at all if your player is flash memory based, and unless you use big, oversized, tear the paper before they separate magnets there's not going to be enough strayfield to effect even the micro hard drive based players. I build custom speakers for a living and am very familiar with what strong magnetic fields can and can't do to electronics and storage media.
jeez, finally, someone who understands!
Bbox Spinergy8 years ago
nonononon no magnets. maybe velcro or something.. no magnets...
A funny thing to do would be to get an book that you also have on audio book. Make the audio into an mp3, and listen to your book.
Its a great Idea but if your in skool, you would want the audio cable coming out of the bottom. Else you would get caught.
minardi9 years ago
Great idea, I have a Tom Clancy book that's on the chopping block as I type. How about a layer of adhesive around the inside edge of your cuts? If you have access, binding glue (like at the top of notepads) works great, and won't stick later. I would alternately second doolittle's felt idea as well. Real classy. A nice clasp might be a bit of elastic adhered to the top and bottom corners of one side of the cover that can be wrapped around to close it (like a moleskine notebook).
i just made a case out of a Tom Clancy book too, i guess you could say it's got a few plot holes in it ;) (then again, being a clancy novel, you could randomly remove 200 pages and no one would notice)
Doolittle9 years ago
i've seen a lot of different instructions on making "secret stash" boxes with books (usually hardcover). all of them include gluing the pages together, as well as some sort of closure -- as mentioned above. you can use a tab or strap that hooks front and back covers together, or just put a rubber band around it like i do. you can also line the inside of the compartment with paper (seems redundant, i know) or fabric - i like felt.
tommyk1049 years ago
i would recommend those little round velcro tabs then.
vrogy9 years ago
as long as it's not within the field of the magnet, it's fine... of course if you have a nano, it's a whole different story. :D
admanrocks9 years ago
Defenately NOT magnets! thats a really bad idea around a big hard drive(the Ipod)
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