Step 1: Get the Materials

Picture of Get the Materials
You Need:
A T-shirt that you are willing to sacrifice in the name of love
99 3mm red LEDs (1.8-2.1V @ appx 10 mA)
two DM7474 IC's (flip flops)
one DM7402 IC (2 input Nor gate)
one ne555 timer
one 224 pf capacitor
one .47 uf capacitor
two 4.7 uf capacitors (over 9 volts)
.01 uf capacitor
one variable resistor (100k ohm max or a 47k resistor)
one 470 ohm resistor
two 1k ohm resistors
one 560 ohm resistor
1 nine volt battery + clip
Hard Drive cable (or wire)
Telephone cable (not needed but helpful)
Another T-shirt or some fabric
Needle + Thread (or a sewing machine)
wire cutters
Soldering Iron

pm me for the original heart template, I don't know how to attach original jpegs
avin8 years ago
Hello, me again :P I almost forgot to tell you, you wrote wrong here on your specification. You said on the specification "one DM7492 IC (2 input Nor gate)", it was suppose to be DM7402 right? :P DM7492 isn't a NOR gate chip ;-)
T3h_Muffinator (author)  avin8 years ago
Oh, wow! That was a HUGE mistake, if someone didn't get the right chip, they'd screw everything up!

Thanks for finding it, Avin! I'm fixing it now =)