Step 3: Prepare Handsleeve - Trace and Trim

Using fabric pencil, trace an (8" x 12" ) dashed line rectangle on the excess flannel piece. Cut out, leaving ( 1/2" ) seam allowance.
Susan, Could you email me photos of the finished Cozee-Robe too?<br><br>Thanks so much!<br>DeAnne
Hi. I really like how this sounds: perfect for my mom who had heart surgery. But I'm having trouble picturing how the whole thing looks. Could you email me a photo? I'm afraid I'm a visual person, and a picture of the item folded up doesn't help me. Thanks.
Hello there! So glad you like the idea! I will send an image via email or through Instructables, your choice. If you want it via email, please send me your email address. Thanks, Susan R.
I made one of these today for a friend undergoing chemotherapy. It was a quick project. If I make another one, I'll probably sew the fleece and flannel right sides together first, turn them right side out, sew up the little gap, and <em>then</em> do the quilting seams. If I pin it in the right places, I think I can keep it straight. That pinning and hemming around the edges after the quilting seams had been done drove me crazy! (Patience ain't my strong suit.)<br/><br/>Thank you very much for suggesting I wash the material first. The fleece shrank like crazy. If I were a nice person, I would have run back to the store to buy more, or I would have seamed another big strip of fleece to keep the proper length (top to bottom, that is). I am just not that nice, I'm afraid. The lap robe ended up being about six inches too short for me to sew on the booties. They'll be a separate gift. <br/><br/>I love the softness and warmth, and especially the <em>weight</em>, of this lap robe. It has the heaviness of a spa robe and blanket, and the handsleeve is a lovely feature. I think my friend will be very happy.<br/>
I like your idea about when to do the quilting seams! It makes me feel great to know that your friend will be benefiting from my project! I think they would make a good gift for residents in convalescent centers and nursing homes. Thanks again, Susan
This is beautiful, lovely, thoughtful and all things good and generous! Thank you for sharing your method, and for thinking of inventing this! I'll be sending one to my 96 year old great uncle for (insert Winter Holiday of choice here) and one to my grandmother, who can get cold in Miami in July (big thermoregulation issues) Thanks again! .
Just saw your comment, it totally warms my heart that you made cozee-robes for your elderly loved ones. Thanks so much! Susan Rivera

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