Currently, this is the first ball machine on this site. Anyways, this a relatively small and simple ball machine with two paths and a motor driven chain. It isn't immensely difficult to build, but it uses a lot of pieces. This was originally built last year but then I decided to make an instructable out of it since it wasn't as huge as my other ones were. So, without further ado, I bring you... Deux.

4 Grey Rods
8 Red Rods
72 Yellow Rods
163 Blue Rods
100 White Rods
111 Green Rods
7 White 8-Slot Connectors
59 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
14 Green 4-Slot Connectors
45 Red 3-Slot Connectors
3 Grey 2-Slot Connectors
17 Orange 2-Slot Connectors
79 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
32 Orange Tabbed Connectors
52 Blue 3D Connectors
87 Purple 3D Connectors
6 Brown Tabbed Connectors
6 Red Gears
58 Chain Links
3 Balls
1 Motor
Total: 957 Pieces
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Step 1: The Structure, Part 1: The Base, Part 1

Picture of The Structure, Part 1:  The Base, Part 1
Instructions PROJECT Deux 011.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 008.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 007.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 009.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 010.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 006.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 012.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 005.jpg
This is the base part one: The structure base.

27 Blue Rods
23 Blue 3D connectors
19 Purple 3D connectors
13 Yellow Rods
Total: 82 Pieces

Step 3: The Structure, Part 2: The Tower

Picture of The Structure, Part 2:  The Tower
Instructions PROJECT Deux 039.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 045.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 051.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 052.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 053.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 057.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 058.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 059.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 060.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 061.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 062.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 063.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 064.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 065.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 066.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 067.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 068.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 069.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 070.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 071.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 072.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 073.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 074.jpg
Instructions PROJECT Deux 075.jpg
This is the tower segment of the machine. It is a long step. This is where all the components are connected.

It comprises of seven sections/floors

65 Blue Rods
44 Purple 3D Connectors
35 Yellow Rods
34 Green Rods
23 Blue 3D Connectors
15 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
6 White Rods
4 Red Gears
4 Red 3-Slot Connectors
4 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
2 Green 4-Slot Connectors
1 White 8-Slot Connector
1 Orange 2-Slot Connector
Total: 238 Pieces

Step 4: The Structure, Part 3: The Path Seperator

A short step. This component makes the ball go to either path one or two.
8 Grey One-Slot Connectors
4 White Rods
4 Blue Rods
2 Yellow Rods
2 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
1 Green Rod
1 Red 3-Slot Connector
1 Brown Tabbed Connector
Total: 23 Pieces
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Knex12353 years ago
do you need the connectors that have the tubeing on it?
gassybeans3 years ago
what if we dont have tubing? were can we get it?
dam it i have every thing exept 4 chain link
Fr-Pa-Co4 years ago
fantastic it looks amazingly cool and simple i am planning to build
5* i have just subscribed
nice! 5*
knexjay4 years ago
Is it possible to use something else besides the orange tabbed connectors?
Metal4God7 years ago
dude post ur XxXxXx thingy
Darth Trainman (author)  Metal4God7 years ago
No. That would take about 7 months alone.
dude please becuse if not thar would be mean
Darth Trainman (author)  Metal4God7 years ago
its about 9000 pieces. No. I'm not going to, end of story
what is this 'XxXxXx thingy'?
XxXxXx is the meanest biggest most awesome ball tower ever maid its maid by trainman 2000
XxXxXx is the second meanest biggest most awesome ball tower ever maid its maid by trainman 2000
the first meanest biggest most awesome ball tower ever maid is (cue inpresive music) CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darth Trainman (author)  agent harmsy7 years ago
my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED SOME MORE K'NEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
holy cow this is crap excuse me did i say crap what i really ment was its god damn cool good nice genius
I thank you kindly.
What IS it?
it's a ball thing i thinkk
It is Train's er...second best ball machine to date, one before CHAOS.
Tom Buckey5 years ago
if it wernt for this video i wouldnt of found this site!!
same here
The Jamalam6 years ago
i've tried and failed to find the orange tubing pieces, but i have the connectors. can you help me?
Darth Trainman (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Original Roller Coaster and Big Ball Factory. Or OR, just use roller coaster tubing.
knexjay6 years ago
do you mean make 1 of that 2 of that and 3 of that?
Darth Trainman (author)  knexjay6 years ago
No, I just numbered each for convenience, cause they all look practically the same.
rexdino56 years ago
Hey the xxxxx what ever that or how big that is i might have enough pieces for that. I have 4 tubes full of knex from my cousins and i bought a lot of other things. I also have a lot of the railing.
DYLEGO rexdino56 years ago
trust me, he wont post. thousands upon thousands of pieces, and like 8 ft tall. if you have enough, be original and create your own ball machine.
ok, i have enough orange tabbed commectors, but i dont have any rails with me, so do u think the loop will still work if i use yellow halves?
im gonna build it then tell you, since i dont have any of those orange tabbed thingies.
sorry didn't mean to start anything! just pointing something out! should be getting new parts soon. Can't wait to build!!! then I'll build the Immueble (?spelling?) jthtiger
well darth trainman said in the part list that u don't need that tube but u need it!
can you see the picture? obviously you need it!!! don't get so mad if you can see clearly what the mistake is. jthtiger
sarsippius16 years ago
Hi, TM2K. I have just joined instructables and have joined the Knex ball machines group. I have a YouTube account and am wondering if you can subscribe to me (I have subscribed to you). sarsippius1 P.S.: I will have my first instructable on soon!
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