"Green" Re-usable Grocery Bags





Introduction: "Green" Re-usable Grocery Bags

These re-usable grocery bags will help you answer the question "Paper or plastic?" from your grocer, and help save waste and those landfill stuffers you're accumulating. The bags have handles to allow them to be placed on a grocer's plastic bag holder, if available, for the grocery loading process.

We use only re-cycled or vintage materials in order to reduce waste even more. Some of our sources include clothing from second-hand stores, left over fabric found in garage sales, etc. We prefer polyester/cotton blends to give the strength and durability needed.

Just cut out the fabric, sew together sides and handles. Make enough so you don't have to make extra gas-guzzling trips to the store.

Level: beginner
(good for beginners because they do'nt have to pay too much attention to straight seams.)

Need: 24" long, 45" wide cotton or cotton/polyester blend fabric.

Step 1: Cut

1. Cut four (4) of pattern on fold allowing 1/4" seam.

Step 2: Sew Sides and Handle

2. With wrong sides together, sew sides and top of handle with a zig zag stitch or anything durable. I used a zig zag first and then follow with a straight stitch since I don't have a serger.

Step 3: Turn Inside

3. Turn outside in and press seams. Run a straight stitch, approximately 1/4" seam allowance, creating a French seam.

Step 4: Sew Seams

4. Turn to right side and press seams again. Notch corners of center for easy hem turning, and zig zag around center opening and handle opening. Secure corners with back and forth zig zag (close stitch.)

Step 5: Finish Handles

5. Fold handle in half, bringing in side and bottom to match. Press and secure handle top and bottom with several zig zags back and forth.

Step 6: Finished Product

Here's the finished product.



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    17 Discussions

    Uummm... you don't have to be a pro member to get this pattern. Draw it out on a piece of paper, with the dimensions, and you can make your own pattern.

    Why do we have to be a pro member to download this pattern? If I want to save the planet (which I have been doing for about 25 years now ) with my own shopping bags. The pattern should be free. Thanks tumrub

    1 reply

    Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. It doesn't really make sense does it? You think if anything they would want to advertise this to everyone possible. I wasn't much of a recycler until 2011. I feel bad about it but at least I realize how important it is now. Everyone should have reusable grocery bags!

    I am missing something. When do the tops of the handles get sewn together? I think I have followid the instructions, but the tops of the handles are still unsewn.

    1 reply

    look at the directions for this page. it says,

    "With wrong sides together, sew sides and top of handle with a zig zag stitch or anything durable."

    SOO, set your machine for zigzag, sew up the sides, clip the thread and sew the handles, clip the thread and go to next section of directions.

    or better yet as she said, sew it with a zigzag and then do a straight stitch right next to the zigzag cause zig zag doesn't take a lot of stress by itself.

    Can't find anything on what size it is and where does it tell us where to find the pattern.

    So---where is the actual pattern to cut the material to?? I can't find it.

    This is exactly the pattern I've been looking for. Unfortunately, as a beginner sewer, I can't follow the instructions. Can you add some intermediate steps, or some arrows on the photos to clarify things (i.e. "notch corners of center for easy hem turning")? There are some sewing terms a beginner doesn't automatically know. And I really want to make this!

    Im so glad you all have decided to help save the world. Check out me and my friends website savingchristmas.webs.com to check out ways to reduce waste and help us and the world!

    I need the measurements for this cool bag. I can't get the pitures to come up full size. Thank you

    I made two of these today. Thanks for the idea - this pattern is much simpler and quicker than others I've seen. PS I made mine out of leftover purple twill fabric that I had in my stash.

    'I like your pattern but can't find instructions on how to finish the bottom.

    That's pretty neat. What we do is just save the plastic bags from the store. Plenty of uses for them.

    1 reply

    My thought is to take your own, cloth, reusable to the store and I'm also making a childrens size so they don't get left out and can help save "the planet"