Picture of "Heed's the Box" - a model man you can fit inside his own head.
I'd heard of Japanese cardboard toys where the head became a storage box for the whole model. I tried to find one online, but failed. Or maybe I succeeded but couldn't read the Japanese script?

Anyhoo, I decided to make my own.

He's called Heed.

Step 1: The plan, the tools, the materials

Picture of The plan, the tools, the materials
First you need plans - I have included a scan of the net I drew. Full-size, it's a single A4 sheet.

New for 2009! At no extra cost! I have re-drawn the template as a PDF file, including Mykhailo's suggestion for retaining the head. It is now attached to this step.

You can scale it up (or down!), photocopy it or draw a version yourself.

Heed can be made in paper, but will last longer if made of light card. I used the 160gsm that was already in the photocopier at school.

You will need a pair of scissors, plus a sharp knife to cut the slots that make the connections.

When using the knife, cut on either a proper cutting board or a pad of scrap paper to save your work bench.
Heed template.pdf(596x842) 31 KB
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Lol I love it! XD

Kiteman (author)  Craft maker infinity20 days ago
Whaleman8 years ago
Cool! When I first saw it, I thought that it folded up into its head, instead of him having to be taken apart, but Heed is still really cool!!!!
Kiteman (author)  Whaleman8 years ago
Thank you!
Here, all I did was cut a hole in the torso, and two triangles on the head, it is strong enough so that you can grab him by his foot. Hope you like it
Paper 001.jpgPaper 003.jpg
best instructable ever............................................................rated it 5 star........
Kiteman (author)  Whaleman8 years ago
Yay! Outstanding idea - I will (eventually) amend my master templates to include that. Thank you.
Kiteman (author)  Whaleman6 years ago
Done - see step 1.
Cool. Did you wait 'til 2009 specifically so you could say it was new for 2009? lol
Kiteman (author)  Whaleman6 years ago
Haha, no, I just didn't quite get round to it, then found myself with a day off work (tending the sick), and time to sit and draw. I did a couple of others as well - see this thread (you get credit there as well).
Same thing with me. If I don't have a deadline, it won't get done. Nice coffin, might scale it up when I'm older. Make my coffin out of biodegradable paper. It'd be eco-friendly!
yay! I made him, but I don't like how easily his head fell of, so I thought up of a way I can make his head still rotate, but without falling out, you could either glue small magnets on his head, brass paper fasteners, or there is a way to cut out which is kinda hard to explain, so I will post a picture once I finish.
matrix8286 years ago
the tabs on the botom of Heed's head are off center. still good tho!
matrix8286 years ago
could u make a PDF for him? i bet heed would like it lol
Kiteman (author)  matrix8286 years ago
He'll have to wait until the new year, I'm afraid.
lol happy new year heed!
Kiteman (author)  matrix8286 years ago
And a happy new year to you - it's done (see step 1).
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
lol my mom was so happy when i made this harmless thing instead of the usual catapults mini bows and blow horns.
Kiteman (author)  X_D_3_M_17 years ago
I'm glad I pleased Mom - way down my to-do list is a paper chess-set as well, so there's another one she'll like.
you should try posting that soon... i bet it would get tons of hits.
Kiteman (author)  snownight7 years ago
I suppose it could be classed as a travel game...
Yes, yes it could... (totally not hinting anything...)
Gjdj3 Kiteman7 years ago
A paper chess set sounds cool. I wonder how hard it would be to make.
matrix8287 years ago
lol i love it! RATING: 5 out of a possible 5
Kiteman (author)  matrix8287 years ago
Thank you!
i hope you dont mind, but i have used this idea to design my own things* that fit inside itself.

*those things are: a house that has a funny shaped roof and garage,
a robot that looks like Heed.

annyway like i said, 9999999999999999999999999999999999 out of 5
Kiteman (author)  matrix8287 years ago
Why should I mind? When are you going to post ibles for them?
probably when i make a PDF file for it ;-D
zachninme8 years ago
For some strange reason, I knew that this was one of your projects before even looking at the author! :P Verycool project!
Kiteman (author)  zachninme8 years ago
Thanks, but how did you know? Am I getting predictable in some way (horrible thought)? ( Or is it just my writing style?
I wish I knew. I guess your projects have a... I don't know. Sorry I'm so helpful! Cool project, still!
maybe they have a special feel as in some of your projects are science. you know, so you could probably say that this was Kiteman's idea
me too
Sunny1246137 years ago
heed is awesome! Now I just need a girl heed for my cousins.....
dmac2087 years ago
i made mine so that his body actually folds into his head
Thats wat ur s'posed 2 do
no you have to open his head in theres and on mine you just fold it inside
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