Step 2: Parabolic Asian cookware!

Picture of Parabolic Asian cookware!
Reflective devices for 2.4 GHz WiFi abound- pot lids,sieves,lamp shades etc! Asian cookware is sturdy,cheap & easily modified
JTomM1295 years ago
Wow - love this! How about all the sat-dish LNA's you don't have to send back when you stop your dish service? You have that nice 18 inch dish and exact focal length (Plus a nice heavy-duty mounting system that looks like about a million others and does not call attention to itself). Just pull out the original LNA unit and replace with the USB WiFi and reaim at the best hot spot . . .
thecensor5 years ago
Is the Asian Cookware better then a strainer? if so, by how much?

dollariipe7 years ago