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Short description:
+High brightness microcontrolled LED light
+Touch Enabled (no buttons!) , the touch sensor will check it's inputs every 288ms to conserve power
+"Shutdown" TIMER : If the user holds the finger contacts for N seconds it will take N minutes for it to shutdown (or by touching it again )
+Estimated 60 days of battery life (15 min of use per day)

This is a Bedside Night Light I've built for my girlfriend:

+It had to be small
+Portable soft lighting for "stealth home navigation" at night
+It had to be COOL !

The Design:

ping-pong ball + generic_product_cap + capacitive_sensor_made_with_a_pic = EggLight !

Stuff needed :
- Ping-Pong ball
- Generic Product Cap
- PIC12F675 (any pic will do)
- A BC548 transistor (or similar)
- some standard resistor values: 100ohm , 1Kohm , 1Mohm
- 10000mcd led (When I have time I'll do the RGB version ;-)
- 2 CR2032 (button cell)

Step 1: The Design

Picture of The Design
The initial design was supposed to be like the first picture... but an hiperbolic surface isn't quite easy to DIY =/
So I switched to the EggFormat
By placing the batteries on the lower side of the cap and sanding a piece of it it will stand-up straight
esplonky6 years ago
i'm obsessed with the beatles!
rac836 years ago
Hy First, great project ;-) You used the CCS compiler right? I'm just trying to rewrite the code to SDCC but I'm little bit hanging in the air because this is my first attemp to program a PIC. Does someone here have some example codes for SDCC just to see how to make the skeleton and using I/O Pins...???
Cool, but too hard for me! :P
Shifrin7 years ago
This is cool! but can you find a clearer video?
Proteus (author)  Shifrin7 years ago
Sure! now that I've finally bought a decent camera for Christmas, I can =)!
I'm kinda busy this week, but I'll put it in my TODO list !

Thanks for the feedback!
Shifrin Proteus7 years ago
Great! Thanks!
Myrddin8 years ago
How about a good image here, OK?? This ones crappy...
Proteus (author)  Myrddin8 years ago
Do you mean the circuit schematics?
It`s scaled down by the site, most images on Instructables are actually much larger than they appear to be =D, click on the "i" box on the upper left of it, or go to this LINK:
then select ORIGINAL SIZE... its actually pretty big nice (3508x2480) 329 KB image =]
Proteus (author) 8 years ago
If anything was left unclear ,just ask and I'll explain it better =]
daenris Proteus8 years ago
So how did you manage to make the contacts on the plastic?
Proteus (author)  daenris8 years ago
=D I'll get my Digital Camera back tonight (someone borrowed it) then I'll take some pictures/make a small video on how to do that
AWESOME! Although, you get -1 man point for getting pushed around from your girlfriend, but +10 man points for actually having a girlfriend..... Man, it's Valentine's day and I don't have anyone... sigh.....