Picture of $11 Super Wide Angle Digital Camera
Add a 160 degree wide angle lens to your existing digital camera for $11. This was based on ideas from the following webpage: http://aggregate.org/DIT/peepfish/

Step 1: Go to your favorite hardware store, and buy a wide angle door viewer.

Picture of Go to your favorite hardware store, and buy a wide angle door viewer.
You should be able to find one of these at any hardware store. I got mine at Home Depot for about $11. The key attributes that you're looking for is the largest possible "eye hole". There are a bunch of these door viewers that have very small openings, and they won't produce a very good image. Get the one I'm showing here, and it will work great. The opening is just about the size of the lens on my old Canon S230.
Technomage8 years ago
I tried this over the weekend. It works great. I used the idea on my 300D SLR.
As there was a lot of bright lights I got a ton of flaring. Check out some of the pictures below.

There are good SLR instructions here. Short version below:

I had drilled a hole in a 55mm lens cap ($4.95)
I used the same peephole from homedepot and hot glued it to the lens cap. ($7.50 and $1)
I attached the lenscap to my 28-90 Sigma lens (it has macro)
Pictures where best around 50-70 mm not in macro mode and with manual focus

This was my first instructable project!
Nice work mate ;)
I went to your link - these speak to me also! They are really cool - use them for the art work on CD's - you can buy round labels for them, glossy is best. Wonderful!
Hey good job.
PetervG7 years ago
Okay so how do I do this...
maito PetervG4 years ago
ZAS! en toda la boca

Translation: ZAP! whole mouth
LAME! Check out mine! It's bigger than yours lol
jenniec PetervG7 years ago
it goes on your stock lens - i have the canon Xti - and it works awesome.
way less of a risk ahah just buy this
PetervG jenniec7 years ago
The door viewer wont fit on a DSLR..
Hey bud, take a look at this image: http://duolian.smugmug.com/Other/Faux-Fisheye/gear/14344129_JjoU6-O.jpg
Phoghat PetervG7 years ago
In the OLD days, we would find an extra lens cap and cut a hole in the center big enough to hold the door viewer. Just snap it on and you're good to go.
Pepealej4 years ago
Zoom in
buffysissy14 years ago
I also tried this with a point and shoot but epoxied another lens on top, a lens I got out of a cheap "panoramic camera", just epoxied the edges and got a nice effect. Will post pix soon.
buffysissy14 years ago
The large door viewer seems the way to go with these projects.
mg0930mg4 years ago

Funguystuff4 years ago
thanks for this instructable man, i knnew that saving this door "eye" would help me someday, and now i did. you should add to the key words of this intstructable "skate" because this is how sk8 videos are shot and that was what i was looking for.
Gr8 Instructable!
yerfdog1235 years ago
my camera has a square shaped around the lens, will this still work?
mista.v5 years ago
You know, if you measure out the DoF properly, you won't need to crop this bit out.
you should use some kinda tube, and maybe some tape, without using the sticky side on your cam. to make it removable.
tommyskate6 years ago
iv got this yes video camera its a mini camera wat do i no and i want one for my skating
I found your project a couple weeks ago, linking off a DIY kaleidoscope lens project. Most of the time I work with a full-size camera, and had never really thought of using a door viewer with the lens on a small camera. I gave your project a try with a cheap point & shoot I have, and the results were impressive. I then figured out a way of using a piece of plumbing hardware to adapt the viewer to my bridge camera, which doesn't do too bad of a job of making fish-eye pictures. Good work!
say88got7 years ago
hey do any of u now how to make one wit out a peephole
i made one but i sawwed off some excess so i wouldnt have to zoom as much. if you do the same make sure no glass gets cut as o my first attempt i cut the eye glass and it doesnt work.
bowmaster7 years ago
If you could find a 180 degree door viewer you would have a fish eye lens
At Home Depot they have 200° viers right next to the 160° ones. I got one and will post pictures soon.
Runeshai7 years ago
That's pretty sweet. Is there a way you could make them the regular rectangle photo shape, instead of the circle, or would that be too hard to do in-camera with this rig?
inquisitive7 years ago
Lovely pictures! Your cats are so cute! The coloring on one looks like split bangs and the other one seems to have an eye patch-this will be fun to play with. Thanks!
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
kool kat. hes so cute
dimockn9 years ago
Used Nero PhotoSnap to correct the distortion as shown. Takes away some of the charm ? :)
Could you tell me how to do that? I know how to do the thing where you take a picture of a flat surface at an angle, the use the proportion/crop function and it looks straight, but how would you do that with this?
its a wide angle or a fish eye lense you can get them for all kinds of cameras it makes the shot wider
I know that, but can you use Photoshop to take the round, wide-angle pictures and turn them into normal square ones (like shown above)?
definitley the first looks so much cooler whats the point of a wide angle lenseif theres no hokey ring of distortion?
slacy (author)  dimockn9 years ago
The reason this doesn't look as interesting as you might expect is that all the objects in frame are too far from the camera. Take a skew-angle close-up picture and correct that. I think you'll get a much better feel for how weird things get. BTW, if the purpose of PhotoSnap is to stitch panoramas, then you'd expect it to look "normal" wouldn't you?
zwild18 years ago
If you remove the barrel on the fisheye, (hacksaw) you no longer have to worry about the "tunnel vision"
iman9 years ago
i like your cat lol
slacy (author)  iman9 years ago
Thanks! She's word renouned now! (BTW, my gallery actually has pictures of 2 different cats. Can you tell them apart?)
Bob7k slacy8 years ago
hahaa, cats are awesome! i have 2 cats, hamsters and a pair of rats, im a pet freak, but then again, care is split up over 6 people, but only i care for the hamsters and rats
MDude8 years ago
I like the look of the picture with the metal still there, it makes it look like it was taken through a port hole.
ian$½8 years ago
it's pretty distorted.. is that the camera or the peephole? so you have any ideas for a bigger lens.. like a 52mm diagonal? still cool
sixcrows9 years ago
Can anybody tell me where I can find one of these door viewers. The only ones I've found (at Home Depot and Lowe's) are the ones with the very slender opening. Thanks.
baggers9 years ago
I've written up some instructions for using this technique on a camcorder here: http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/Video-Tricks-Build-a-Cheap-Wide-Angle-Adapter.htm
heyster9 years ago
I have a sony cybershot dsc-p8. A camera about 3 years old but takes great pictures. I will certainly try this instuctable.
anntda9 years ago
Old or new idea, it's new to me & I'm anxious to try it out. I, too, have a Powershot. Did you need to do anything differently on this type of camera? Thanks for sharing!
amosslee9 years ago
I'm trying to build a physics demonstration device that has a fisheye lens in a globe (see photo or http://teacherresourceexchange.org/science/fisheye-lens-in-globe/). This hack works fine, but I need higher resolution. I'm looking at a miniature fisheye lens from sunex.com (mod dsl215), and trying to figure out how to get it attached to a camera. I opened up my web cam, but it doesn't have the right threading or mounting screws. I'm looking around at 1/3" CCD/CMOS cameras/chips, but companies don't seem to give specs on the threading of their lenses.

Anyone have any tips on how to match a "real" fisheye lens with a camera? The lens I'm looking at is rated as M12x0.5 threads, with two mounts available that have two 2.0 mm mounting holes 22 mm apart.

Ideally, I would attach the lens to a wireless camera, so when it is mounted inside the globe it can spin freely.
slacy (author)  amosslee9 years ago
I looked at your sample picture, and I don't understand why the sample image is so blurry -- did you remove the original lens optics? You'll need to keep the original optics in and just put the lens in front. For threaded adapters, take a look at the guy above who used a PVC fitting. That looks like it works really well, and would be pretty easy to do, I think. If you don't care about the webcam, just jam a bunch of silicone sealant or something similar to hold the lens in place. Careful with the optics though!
philbert9 years ago
I tried this with my camera... I shoot alot of video and tried a clip on wide angle and it just wasnt wide enough.... I use a mustek 3 in 1 dv5500 and a pop bottle top works great over the lens. I used a drill and just screwed in the doorviewer I shoot alot of skateboarding footage.. I LOVE the wide angle lens look.....but I dont have the money nor have the experience to operate a canon XL1 or anything of that nature, so I tried this and it works GREAT
slacy (author)  philbert9 years ago
Awesome! You should upload some of your videos to Google Video and post links here so we can see them!
Cristo9 years ago
This is a great idea! Any suggestions on how to create a mount for a Powershot A530 or similar sized camera? It would be great to be able to 'pop' it on and off quickly when needed.
stevecooley9 years ago
Wow, I have that exact same honeysuckle in my back.. yard... or whatever my townhouse has of a yard. You in the san jose area? My town's got that stuff _everywhere_.
That photo is of Jasmine, which grows everywhere and smells wonderful. Guess I'd better hop off to the hardware store and take a pic of some honeysuckle, then! Great idea for a lens.
tekisui9 years ago
I've been using a set up like this for a few months now, inspired by the same website. I used the top from a medicine bottle to fix the peep hole to my Sony's lens. Works pretty well for about 10 bucks total.
how big around is your cybershot lens? i have a dsc-p71, and i'd LOVE to try this. thanks.
sdamy9 years ago
fishcatcher9 years ago
--does this work for electric cameras? +also can u use this on my video gamera?
as long as your camera accepts light from the outside world through some sort of hole,... yeah.
westfw9 years ago
I remember seeing this idea in Popular Photography about 30 years ago; they had you mount the viewer in a lense cap for easy application/removal. That doesn't mean it's not good INSTRUCTABLE material now; I'm particularly impressed with how well this interfaces to todays digital cameras. (30 years ago; no digital cameras, and an entire multi-user mainframe computer would probably has less memory than people use for a single picture today. Sigh; I fell old.)
trebuchet039 years ago
Didn't someone already post how to add a fish eye lens using a peep hole lens?? Maybe it was hackaday :P This also works (and is a very useful) on webcams - especially if you use it for security purposed ;)
slacy (author)  trebuchet039 years ago
I couldn't find one describing this, so I figured I'd do it... (yeah, I know its old news).
Yep... it was hackaday :P No worries though - its still quite useful ;)