Introduction: $30 Hidden Shirt Camera

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Why spend $200 on a camera? When you can do the same for less. With a CVS one time use video camera you can do wonders around.

Step 1: Find a Polo

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Find a some what loosely fitting polo for the camera then take the housing off of the camera, make sure to remove both the front and back then cut the battery holder off, i used a soldering iron to make the cut, when you are finished cutting, refit the pins on the circuit board and make sure the camera works.

Step 2: Get Out Your Sewing Kits Boys and Girls!

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Before we start sewing cut one of the speaker wires (blue and red). Find some string colored as your polo and sew the circuit board to a position to where the lense is just visible to you coming out ( sorry for the bad image quality i used a web cam.) Attach the battery pack and use a small amount of duct tape to hold it in place and as for the usb hack
1. cut and strip and short section of usb cable solder the red black green and white leads to the mainboard's edge connector
2. go to go under cvs one time use camcorder click faqs and links and choose some up- to date software carperpasm has some good stuff

Step 3: And Your Done

remember your going to need to label the on/off button and the record button ect. If your going to record at school start before entering the classroom and ensure that the camera is not sticking out.

i want to thank Make for the camera hacking instructions


sintaks (author)2012-06-27

We're would I find instructions on making the cable that hooks the camera up to the pc? I have the palm cable but don't have the docs to make it

MattGyver92 (author)2009-11-16

I'm totally interested in trying to hack a disposable digital camcorder... I think I saw some for $20 at CVS in town... Hmmm... Is there any way to add an SD memory card? That way I could put the video on my computer easier than using a cable... Interesting.

DIY Dave (author)2007-05-02

At CVS or at

Argon27 (author)DIY Dave2009-08-04

Hey thanks for the reply, sorry about the temper in the previous post (I removed it). My question was: Where can I get a one-time use video camera? (CVS didn't exist in California then, they moved in this year, 2009).

mark28 (author)2008-08-16

its no clear at all

bensharn (author)mark282008-08-16

Then work on your comprehension skills.

yummahcupekakez (author)bensharn2009-04-04


junits15 (author)bensharn2009-03-10

just gave links to the camerahacking site, it has everything that you need to know.
like this one (easy mass storage and permanente unlock) they both worked for me

Brother_D (author)mark282008-11-17

Neither is your poor grammar.

poppa_bear42330 (author)2007-05-11

Depending on the article of clothing this is to be used with you might be able to make a pocket of some kind instead of sewing it in. Just a thought.

Next time try making a reusable CVS camera into a sd card camera!!!! Then it would be cheap to get a camera

jak06 (author)2007-07-23

I'm Having trouble finding software. Could you send me some links?

musicman386 (author)2007-07-20

harsh words. lots of you. i think if you are taking stuff apart and rewiring it in any way... you deserve some form of props. (please don't guess my age because of my use of the word props) Munkey_b0y and weissensteinburg PROPS for being the voice of reason in the jumble of entirely nonconstructive criticism REPRESENT

PikesPeak (author)2007-06-07

These are from and their are also sites to hack them, and thier brother cameras, thus you can make them re-usable cam-corders. If I had a digicam that was working, I would hack one a try it for an instructables.

habiat23 (author)2007-03-30

You must not know much about camcorders. First of all, a 200 dollar camera is probably a crappy 1 megapixel piece of junk, and the CVS camera has a horribly small amount of megapixels. Also, a decent consumer camera goes for about 1 thousand to 2 thousand dollars, and a prosumer camera costs way more. Don't even get me started on professional cameras.

poppa_bear42330 (author)habiat232007-05-11

Not sure where you shop but a reasonably nice 3 ccd Dv camera can be had for a lot less then $1000 and there are several pro models that are less then $1500 starting out. You can get several new consumer models for under $300. The point here was that this would work to play around with. I do not think they were meaning that you could buy a cheap camera like this and shoot a movie with it. Only that is was a cheap and doable project for most anyone that can nto afford 200-300 bucks.

joe57005 (author)2007-03-12

I LOVE the CVS CAMCORDER!! it's one of the most fun hacks i've tried, i've been using mine as a video player to watch monty python during class at school. (added a headphone jack and volume knob) but it only has 128 megs of memory so the xvid encoded videos look very bad.

Jezza Bear (author)2007-01-12

This just sounds like a quick way to get a quick advert to your camerahacking website. Like "Buy my canned soup, just rip of the lid and see what is inside...hmmm soup, now go to my canned soup site"

munkey_b0y (author)Jezza Bear2007-01-13

Steady on there, bensham has come up with an interesting way of using something for something other than it's original purpose. It may not be the first or the most complecated but it does what it says it does. people spend too much time flaming on this site and not enought time making. I'm all for constructive critisism but as my grandmother says, "if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Jezza Bear (author)munkey_b0y2007-01-13

OK, I may have been a bit hard. I hadn't realised this was created by someone of school age. In that case it is quite a good idea. This site needs to put the age of the creator on it

There is no need for age..Just because someone is young doesn't mean they couldn't do what you originally thought he did. It would be better to just check out the reality of what you're accusing.

No, I think there is a need actually but a lot of the time one can guess the age of the person you are replying to just by their use of language such as "cool" or "rad". There are people who use web forums and chat sites just to promote their own pages. At the time of this post you have not posted any Instructables, just made two I am assuming you are not experienced enough on this site to make such a comment. I have apologised for my harsh comment previously so don't need you to open old wounds thanks.

bensharn (author)Jezza Bear2007-01-12

no.....not really i found an artical in make about a "video cam rocket" it gave me an idea for a hidden camera and since Make gave a website i used it.

erfonz (author)2007-01-12

how would you wash it?

cecilbeals (author)erfonz2007-01-23

You don't. You let it rot out and record the reactions of those around you to your stinking shirt with the embedded camera.

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