This is a filming - cycling - sailing - rowing - sleeping gipsy device.
For 1 person, < 3 m, <100kg, towable by bike, independent (the bike fits in the boat), 4m2 sail in 2 parts, stainless-steel structure, plywood, fiber-glass and epoxy, carbon mast, nylon rope shock absorber, inflatable rubber floater, sleeping facility, steady cam, to make crazy films ... not secure ! ... hehehe ! cesar

Step 1: Long Presentation ...

This instructable is going to be long .. in order to be instructable ...
First, the objective of this entire construction was to make this film

Watch this film in much better quality on vimeo here

I edited this film in 2 very different ways (very fast transparent / very quick synchopated) to study our perception of space in time, elasticity and fragmentation, emotional ways of processing information, a film of space and without hero : an imersive objective expressionist road movie.

The boat was a part of a , long process, the boat, the trip, the film and finaly an essay called " troubles in space perception " (french).
can you include a pic of bike in boat
Nice project! Suggestion to your camera fixture, as every movement of the boat will be recorded, I would use a self balancing fixture, have an &quot;arm&quot; with the camera mounting foot 5cm above the bearings and under the bearings a length of 25cm with on the end a counter weight as heavy as the camera or more. The bearing you can find in &quot;auto leveling lasers for on the construction site. most of those have 2 sets of bearings 90&deg; rotated, so always leveled up to the maximum position of contact between parts. This way the videos you make will remain leveled.
WOOHOO!!! I love it!
this is all great grand and wonderful, but after all is said and done, could'nt you've bought a small inflatable raft and carried it in a backpack too?
this is better that a inflatable raft rather because you can go through worse stuff in this while still staying afloat especially through rocky spots at least with PVC floats
Sure, you can also take a surfboard, a skateboard, just a backpack and a swimsuit, or maybe just naked with a knife, whatever you like :)<br>For sailing with - 2 sails - you need a good mast, you can do telescopic, but it was still 2 x 2m long tube in my case (second-hand windsurf mast), doesn't really fit in a backpack + 2 long wooden rows. Inflatable kayaks are great (not really sea-worthy though), but you can't really fit a bike inside them (my bike is a normal bike, not even foldable, I take off pedals and front wheel). Inflatable raft are great, I love them. I guess you talk about a really big backpack. You can take a small inflatable raft in you backpack and row down rivers, it is just a totally different type of vehicle, and different journeys. Do it :)
<p> i would add elctric motors and make it float with out the outriggers<br> <br> overall i really liked this 'ible and you said that you need funding somewhere in there<br> <br> &quot;...a sticker of instructable on the sail (next time, sponsor me pleeeeaaaaassse !!!!!) &quot;<br> <br> you should really check out <a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/">this site </a><br> <a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/">http://www.kickstarter.com/</a><br> <br> two good expaples(sry cant spell and its 1230 am)<br> <a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1104350651/tiktok-lunatik-multi-touch-watch-kits?ref=discover_pop">www.kickstarter.com/projects/1104350651/tiktok-lunatik-multi-touch-watch-kits?ref=discover_pop</a><br> <br> <a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/421256045/diy-desktop-cnc-machine?ref=discover_pop">www.kickstarter.com/projects/421256045/diy-desktop-cnc-machine?ref=discover_pop</a><br> <br> and more like what your doing<br> <a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/422260837/love-train">http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/422260837/love-train</a><br> <br> overall for you i give a 5 star*</p>
Hey, thanks for suggestions and the 5* ! <br>I really love Kickstarter. Sometimes I want to make a serie of this boat - I mean make it much better, cheaper, lighter, greener materials, and manufacture it. It was really great traveling with this vehicle. I guess I will manufacture this when the price of oil peaks again, hehehehe
em i think your inflatable rubber balloon can change into PVC and between the space and the boat you can put a net and carry your stuff on it<br><br>or maybe just forget it<br>
I agree :) Will do next version! Thanks!
I envy your creativity! :)
How much does this thing weigh total?
In total ... hum hum ... too heavy ! About 65kg empty, that's about 100 kg loaded (including drinking water ~10l), and when you get heavy rain it can be up to 120kg! So, yes : I am working on a lighter version. Good thing about this heavy (with Stainless steel structure + super thick plywood, iknow it is over-engineered) is that I had an accident with a truck, and the truck was sooo damaged - the boat was perfectly fine! HAHAHA
I was going to say that looks pretty hard to drag around by bike, Perhaps some aluminium for the frame and lexan for the ply?
if somebody made a movie on it it would be called caption of the junkabien! lol<br /> im not making fun of your boat because i really like it :)
Parabéns!!!! Muito louco!!!!!
Im halfway through designing one of these well a variation of one but im making it so theres a motor running a propeller hopefully
I've had an idea almost the same except I'd like a 4 wheeler to pull a boat with and when you get to a lake or pond you put the 4 wheeler in the boat to power it with. Just a thought<sub></sub><br/>
I think the 4 wheeler is a very good idea. I have this rough idea : would be nice to have a 4 wheeler, but if the 2 pairs of wheels remain parrallel, it is going to be hard to &quot;drive - sail&quot; it, so I thought &quot;maybe it would be good to have a 4x4, or even a catepillar&quot; (!!!). Some river boat like this one<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.blueridgepassageresort.com/Boat_sm.jpg">http://www.blueridgepassageresort.com/Boat_sm.jpg</a><br/>if the wheels were independently controlled, could make a 180 degrees rotation, how nice!<br/>I also drew a 3d mock-up of a &quot;caterpillar boat&quot; in reference to the insect, not the military vehicle : {image}<br/>you can also have the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://cesarharada.com/2008/catepillar-boat/catepillar-boat.skp">sketchup 3D file here [400kb</a>]<br/>And you might find this funny <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.boingboing.net/2008/01/23/caterpillar-tractor.html">http://www.boingboing.net/2008/01/23/caterpillar-tractor.html</a><br/>where it is not too deep ! If you move on and actualy build it, let me know, I am very interested, and if there is anything I can help with, let me know! Good luck!<br/><br/>
Thats very elaborate... It seems like a great idea, but for whoever makes it - keep it foolproof because elaborate things tend to break when least expected (I have first hand experience) Anyway it really is a great concept!
I do totally agree. This vehicle tend to be too complex to - draw - provide expensive materials to build it - require too much carpentry, welding, mecanic... knowledge - too heavy - not environmentaly friendly ... That's why we need an instructable to explain it ... I hope it wasnt. When you look at totora boats (images below), you see that you can have an ancient "primitive" technic, with lightweight, few materials, ecological and straightforward to understand ... so yeah, there is a lot of work to simplify it! I'll work on that. Thanks for your comment.
Still a grreat overall idea anyway (could easily be built upon)
it would be cool if you could put the bike on the boat and attach it so when you peddle it would turn a propeller in the water and push you forward nice instructable
I was thinking the same thing
Fancy, next challenge - cross country<br/><br/><em>Maybe I overshot on that one</em><br/>
thats a boat id love to make.
Please do! It was an extremely very very fun project! And if you want, share your experience, it changed my life. Good luck.
Now here is a man who REALLY hates to walk!! :)
Wow. thats fantastic.<br/><br/><h2>Great job</h2>
Thanks a lot !<br/>That was 3 years ago now.<br/>I just started a new project, It's going to be a long process, but I'd love to publish it's development as an on-going experiment on Instructables (maybe as forum post later):<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://cesarharada.com/2008/open-sailing-platform/index.htm">http://cesarharada.com/2008/open-sailing-platform/index.htm</a><br/>the text can sound a bit ambitious, i want (and what else can I do but) start little...<br/>So thanks for your encouraging and best luck for your projects too!!!<br/>
That sounds awesome! i love sailing. btw, do you actually live on the gypsy boat? Just thought id ask. anyway, im looking forward to the sailing thingy!
Can you fit in the bed.
yes i fit just right, i am 180cm high. I had to build a custom sleeping bag because i wanted to keep the mast at night, so i tend to sleep the mast between the legs, it is a bit uncomfortable and you loose body warmth by separating the legs ... At the same time, the legs are "hidden" under, hit tend to remain in there and so does wetness. I dreamt to host my girlfriend for some nights, but ... it is small to be honnest ... unfortunately heheh !
Oddly enough, it is illegal in Michigan to use a boat you constructed. All boats and floatation devices must be commercial made and approved by some agency (Coast Guard?)
in France this device was tolerated as long as it does involve only the person who constructed it (you cannot sell this kind of stuff), applicable on rivers not on the sea except very close to the border (less than 3 miles if I remember well) when the weather permits it (green, orange flag OK, not red X). I was paddling a lot on canals, since this raft wasn't motorised and shorter than 3m the law didn t allow me to go over most of the locks ... Means I had to take it out of the water, drive it after the lock, back in the water : tiring. My plan was to take it to the authority to legalise it >>> well this is what i had to say to the policemen so they leave me in peace ... Do the same, hopefully Michigan policemen are equally relaxed ...
That footage is bbbbuuuuttttttttttttttttttteeeerrr
Saw alot of vessels like this in district 7 Coast Guard of Florida. Usually had two or three Cuban refugees in them. This little bugger looks infinitely more seaworthy than some of the stuff I saw. Pretty neat.
wow ! Do you have photos of those ? I'm super curious how they making it !!
Where is black natural rubber available?
I live in Paris, i found it here :<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.weber-france.com/2007/Archive-Plastiques/PLASTIQUES.htm">http://www.weber-france.com/2007/Archive-Plastiques/PLASTIQUES.htm</a><br/>9, rue Poitou 75003 Paris France.<br/>For the big Neoprene glue itmight be cheaper here :<br/>polyester 93 / m&Atilde;&copy;tro porte pantin / ZAC ariel, bldg 2-24 av j. barbusse / 93012 / bobigny / bus: les vignes.<br/>ciao<br/>
It would also work to lash a few large-size pvc pipes together with 45degree angle bends, as such.<br/> -- --<br/> / \/ \<br/> \ /\ /<br/> -- --<br/> / \/ \<br/> \ /\ /<br/><hr/> / \<br/> \ /<br/> --<br/><br/><hr/>
I don't fully understand the disposition you are describing above, but yes, using PVC pipes is definitely an exellent idea I would like to test on next project ! <br/>I'm very inspired by this kind of braid thing<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mandragore2.net/dico/lexique2/navires2/bateau-panier-ghe-thung-chai-gd.jpg">asian boat</a><br/>cheers.<br/>
Yes PVC pipe boats work excellently look in my profile for a writeup on the one i built.
just imagine four PVC pipes, large diameter, that lash together w/ one on the bottom. all have the store-bought 45degree connectors for a little rise in the front of the boat.
I am impressed :) i live by the water and would love to sail on it :D that kind ow vessel would be perfect :D
You have hsowed that it can be done. A great little vessel/trailer/camp/camera-mount. Thanks for the suspesion ideas as well. Now I WILL make that bike trailer.
good luck for building your trailer, if you have any question, i'd be realy happy to help (private message / e-mail).
? ... yes ...

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