[A Cheaper Way To] Play Videos From Your Ipod on the BIG[er] SCREEN!!!





Introduction: [A Cheaper Way To] Play Videos From Your Ipod on the BIG[er] SCREEN!!!

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After I saw the sat instructable that basically told you to buy some stuff, I had to share this with the world, it uses a 3.5mm AV jack (standard if you own a Digital Video camera or DV camera) with a couple of the plugs reversed.


:: An iPod Video
:: An AV-RCA cable with a 3.5mm head
:: A TV
:: Half a Brain

Step 1: Enable TV Output

Under the TV output settings, just make sure it says "Ask" Instead of "Off"

So when you select a video, the screen in the second picture will pop up.

Step 2: Get the RCA Cable

Got it ?

Step 3: Plug It In, Plug It In!

Now comes the tricky part, you have to plug the headphone jack end ALL THE WAY IN to your ipod.

The even trickier part is actually plugging in the RCA cables, just follow the diagram on picture 2,

The Red cable goes in the Yellow hole,
The white cable goes in the Red hole
The Yellow Cable goes in the White hole

Easy Huh?

Step 4: All Done,

Now go to the movies option in the main menu, find a movie that you want to watch, and select TV ON from the little menu we talked about earlier.

Step 5: DONE!!!!

Now you can finally enjoy your little movies on the big(ger) screen!



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    where can you get one of these cables?

    they are all in different holes... do you know something that i don't?!

    Go to a car stereoshop,  they have a universal adapter ,for cars & CAN BE USED IN YOUR HOME , using the main connector on the bottom  ,   , it has  two wires for 12v+  connection  for Charging ,   has resistor built in .  if you are creative and  have a 12volt power adapter  ,you  dont have to worry about battery running Down !! 


     my 5th gen white 60gb ipod video wont work with this connection! Help please

    1 reply

    Make sure you have the connections right. The colors are mixed up.


    ...what firmware do you have to have on your ipod video, 5 or 5.5??? because i don't see any options of "tv" or anything like that.....i have audio, but not video...any help? 5th generation video ipod should work, right?

    Dont know, dont have a zune. Build it and tell us!

    For any of you who are wondering, the new iPod Nano Chromatic, iPhone, or iPod Touch 1st or 2nd gen have a cable with a ID chip in them. This hack works only for the older models.

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    I got the sound on the tv, but not anything else. I have an ipod touch by the way.

    (removed by roller coaster)

    someone needs to make one for the newer ipods that use the dock connector

    For the ipods that don't work with this, get a cable with a built in chip.


    does this work with the 2nd gen ipod touch?

    This doesn't work with the 3rd gen Nano. After I hook stuff up, and select the movie, and get to the step where it asks if I want to enable TV, and I select yes, it says to connect the TV out cable. I tried to trick the system by connecting the firewire connector, but it didn't buy it.

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    That's because the new ipods use the dock connector and there's no HW for the headphone jack hack.

    im almost sure this doesn't work with the ipod classic (6 gen ipods) and probably also the 3rd gen nanos

    2 replies

    it does just on your ipod it says video then click and go to settings that easy

    I can confirm this. I have the 80 gig Classic, and it needs the cable w/ a dock connector to send video out.

    OK, OK, lets stop this! We've taken over the thread for things that are really uncorrelated to it. Let's be friends :-) (should we delete all of this thread, since it is useless for the discussion at hand?)