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Introduction: [Collegiate Meals] Bagel Pizza

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It was a matter of time before pizza ended up in here. This recipe doesn't even require dough - and it's no doubt that at least one person has heard of or made this before.

Somewhere between meals on the run and 2 hour 57 course meals is the 20 minute hot lunch.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 Bagel
Pizza Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese

Any topping you like on pizza. I have some leftover pepperoni, so we'll use some here.

Step 2: Prep and Cook

Really Super Fast Method
Take half a bagel - sauce it up - cheese it up -- throw on some toppings and nuke in the microwave for 30-45 second (until cheese is melted).

For a more crunchy bagel pizza (my preferred method)
First, toast your bagel.

Add sauce, cheese and toppings.

Place back into the oven and cook until the cheese is melted (or even browned).



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    Wow, I never thought about this. Now, I am thinking of doing this on a sandwich and slice it in a way that would make it look like a triangle. Oh, I would also have some pastry cutters with either star or heart shape, I was able to find out about this with my program. I will use these shapes for children's party.

    my mom makes Burger Pizzas...you use chees, spagetti sauce, hamburger buns, ground beef, and spam...they're delicious!

    6 replies

    Spam!? haha, interesting.

    Ahhh, Specially Packed Army Meat. Goes good with almost anything.

    Specially Packed Army Meat,


    SPiced HAM

    It was actually named for "spiced ham", but funny on the whole S.P.A.M. acronym.

     Actually it stands for Shoulder Pork And Meat, if you get the chance the SPAM museum is a pretty cool place to waste an hour or two if your ever in southern minnesota.



    is tomato puree the same thing as pizza sauce? if not then is tomato puree ok?

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    Pizza sauce usually has a little olive or other vegetable oil. -PKT

    not really, it has a different texture and pizza sauce has some extra goodies in it. but yes, a little salt maybe, garlic if you have it, same difference

    I used to use both bagels and English muffins until I discovered the secret of pocketless pitas (Greek style... No not that Greek style ya pervs!) A pack of 5 makes good eatin' for 2 with 'ftovers , fits nicely on two cookie sheets (requires full-size oven, regret to inform), and is nicely covered by a whole small can of pizza sauce.

    Green onions, green olives, green peppers, 'shrooms (No not that kind of 'shrooms, ya stoners!) <------ Note: clever boldening of "No", rather than capitalisation, for emphasis, to thwart chatroom denizen variety commentary, such as "quit yelling, a$$-face", or perhaps slightly ruder.

    This is one of those "quick" lunch ideas. It's decently good, but the dough most bagels are made out of just don't quite go with the taste you're looking for. Am I right?

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    Like the somewhat cliché advertisement - better ingredients, better pizza :P

    I'm not exactly looking for any particular taste really. Taste makes a pizza good, but it doesn't need taste to be pizza. I thought it tasted pretty good for 10 minutes of effort and it tasted as I expected :P

    Just think of this as a cheap, quick meal.... don't think of it as a pizza replacement. So what if it doesn't taste like Pap Jon's!

    Not tasting like papa john's would be a plus in my book. I'm in the English Muffin crowd, knew a girl who had to have a piece of bagel removed from her throat by a surgeon, haven't had a bagel since.

    Agreed, english muffins are wayy better for this. The bagel is way to chewy and thick. Or, you could cut the bagel in 1/3s, if you think you can without hurting yourself :p

    I've tried it both ways and they're both good but the bagel's are a little bit better

    I love these. & Thomas' bagles makes plain mini bagels now! Your own bagel bites! =)

    What temperature if you decide to toast it in an oven?