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Introduction: [Collegiate Meals] Broiled Peanut Butter and Jelly

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You must remember as a kid having your PB and J sandwiches cut all nicely in triangular fashion? This is one of my favorites and it's a shame that I haven't made it in a long long time.

This makes a great lunch (or dinner for some) and with nearly limitless combinations of butters, breads, jellies and peanut butter spreads this has variety built in!

Step 1: Ingredients (preheat Broiler)

Two slices of bread per serving/person
Peanut Butter
Favorite Jelly or Jam
Butter (to spread over one side of each slice of bread)

Step 2: Prep and Cook

While you're broiler is doing it's thing....

Spread a thin even coat of butter on one side of each slice of bread.

Spread peanut butter on opposite side of one slice (per serving).

Spread Jelly/Jam on opposite side of other slice (per serving).

Combine slices and place about six inches from your broiler element.

Broil for 3-4 minutes and flip

Cook an additional 3-4 minutes or until you've reached your desired color.

Slice accordingly using your favorite method.

Step 3: Serving Suggestions

I'm almost sure you've done this before. PB and J goes best with a glass of cold cold milk or chocolate milk.

You could serve with a baked chip or even better, a sweet fresh fruit (grapes and other berries work well).

You theoretically could toast your bread... But this is not the same. Broiling gives it a nice crisp surface while keeping a soft interior. It's all about texture ;)



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    had mine on wheat bread with mandarin orange slices and lemon water :)

    I have to admit, I was skeptical about this. I was very wrong. I made it earlier today and it was great. mmm PB & J goodness..

    you can also make this using exactly the same ingredients with the same prep, and then grill in in a pan or on a griddle like you would a grilled cheese. another secret is to make a grilled pbj with a slice of ham. seriously. the slightly unctuous saltiness of them ham goes extremly well with the sweet/nutty of the pbj. reminiscent of a monte cristo sandwich served with jam.

    Best. PBJ. Ever. Delicious, thanks!

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    You know what... I'm hungry - and you've convinced me to make this again :p

    Hmm. I've never been able to eat jam and penut butter together, hate the taste. However, my mother seems to pull that off with also a additional layer of margerine with the pb/j

    I'm no cook, but if you don't have an oven or toaster oven, you could get similar results with a toaster.

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    It will be similar. Using a broiler makes one side crunchy and keeps the inside portions of the bread soft (gives it a different texture). It also heats up the filling. Give it a shot :) I'm sure it will still taste good :)

    My friends would make them in the little clamp down sandwich makers (kind of like the george foreman grill type thing). Could work better than just a toaster in a dorm room situation.

    Something I like to do is make some toast and put peanut butter on it and then sprinkle sugar on top. Always a good breakfast.

    Man that sounds good! I need to try that.

    wow im gonna try this

    i live in the uk and most people find it weird that americans eat jelly and peanut butter together

    i personally habe never tried one

    jelly in england is jello in america not jam thats why people find this weird

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    When I was an undergrad, we'd eat toasted Eggo waffles covered with chunky peanut butter and salsa. Sort of like a PB&J;, but Americans usually find it weird and scary. Tastes good, though.

    I was thinking about this exact meal just yesterday! Tomorow's breakfast, perhaps!? As an undergrad, I was too cheap to buy milk. So, when my living-group quit buying food for MIT's January break I gave up cereal and ate almost nothing but Eggos, peanut butter, and salsa plus an orange for breakfast. I also had a friend that survived January eating nothing but crackers and packets of mustard and ketchup from the free condiments of the student center.

    Yes, but we also know someone who actually got scurvy from an all-ramen diet.

    This is why I'm greatly in favor of trebuchet's Collegiate Meals program.

    Wow -- getting scurvy is almost a feat in itself! Excuse me while I go eat a whole lemon :P

    Toast + peanut butter + cracked black pepper = YUM.

    That actually sounds good to me :P There's a salsa with pineapple that's been staring me down at the grocer.. I think I'll commit it to this :P