[Collegiate Meals] Chicken Soup for the Healthy

Picture of [Collegiate Meals] Chicken Soup for the Healthy
Somehow... Somewhere.... Someone decided that chicken soup is for sick people.... you know, heal that cold, heal your soul, cure whatever might be lurking in these con fangled bodies of ours.

What if you're not sick? Well, here's the soup for you ;) Broth lovers need not read any further.
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Step 1: Ingridients

Picture of Ingridients
Vary the following ingredients as per your taste

Squash zucchini
Green Onion
Chicken Breasts
Egg Noodles
1 Chicken Bullion Cube per cup of water (or as per bullion directions)
OR Chicken Stock

Bay Leaf

Other Good Seasonings

Here's what I used

1 Head Cauliflower
1 Squash zucchini
4 Carrots
4 Celery stalks
7 Green Onion shoots
4 Chicken Breasts
16 oz (1lb) Egg Noodles
17 oz Other Noodles
6 Bullions Cubes -- Enough water to fill pot (not exactly proper proportions)
.5 stick Butter

It's a lot of soup :)

Step 2: Prep and begin cooking

Picture of Prep and begin cooking
To speed things along, I prefer using two pots... The first to heat my stock and the second for the whole soup. So, start boiling your stock.

I am using four chicken breasts. Wash and trim away any fat and dry completely. In your soup pot, melt abut a half a stick of butter and add pepper over medium heat. Add your chicken breasts.

Chop your green onions - place in a small bowl.
Chop your squash zucchini and place in medium sized bowl - sprinkle with a little salt

This is probably a good time to flip your chicken breasts to brown the other side.

Chop your cauliflower - place on top of chopped zucchini and sprinkle with a little salt
Chop Carrots and celery - place on top of cauliflower and sprinkle with a little salt

At this time, your chicken should be about done. We're not looking to cook the chicken completely. Just to brown and render out some of the flavor for the next step. Remove the chicken and place in a bowl to cool a little.
Kaiven6 years ago
I just made some. It is great! And easy for me, a 13 year old, to make :P
Tobita7 years ago
When my mom's working i usually go to the poultry butcher(i live in saudi and so it isn't hard to find one) and i get a whole chicken and take the sinew and skin from the bones, then i bring the water to a boil, snap the bones in half and add it to the water, ad a bit of skin and salt and pepper, along with some bullion cubes and let it simmer for about an hour then add some carrots, celery and any noodles i can find in the pantry. at the end i add the chicken and cook it thoroughly.
daemon8 years ago
Alphabet noodles are perhaps the best noodles around - I make a soup a lot like that but, like Nesagwa said, with low sodium broth. I find that the broth is salty enough on its own and if you add spices like garlic and paprika ...chili powder...(soup with a kick!) it needs even less salt to make it taste yummy. Never thought of green onions, though. Looks great. You're making me hungry.
supes8 years ago
Will try minus the egg noodles and with potatoes. Great as usual though. I like mine like this Mexican restaurant serves..only veggies and chicken...
ongissim8 years ago
Looks delicious!
Nesagwa8 years ago
Id definitely go with Low Sodium Broth if youre really trying to make it healthy(er) and then salt to taste. Bullion is basically just salt cubes and it just doesnt taste as good. Good stuff though. I used to make this kind of thing alot in my first two years of being poor and starving in college. Itll feed you for a week if you keep it right.