For those that will experience a gastronomical event, emphasis on gas, after eating baked beans - this recipe is not for you. Unless you're into that sort of thing (but that's a story for another time).

This is one of those recipes that I grew up with as a little kid. It's from that tender age when your parents call eggplant Parmesan pizza and tiny toons is like crack for little kids.

This can be made in the oven (or a toaster oven), in the microwave or on the stove ;)

Step 1: Ingredients

This is another one of those recipes that you can adjust the proportions without any bad consequences. Unlike baking and pastry making, this isn't an exact science ;)

Canned Baked Beans
Hot Dogs
Spicy Brown Mustard
<p>I would make this right now if I didn't just have an amazing root beer float. comfort food for sure.</p>
thanks you just made me so happy when i go to college in 3 years from now
damn im gonna fart with this dude xD pretty cool recipe
i would cook it a bit more then dump it on my toast and eat it like a normal toast(pretending the beans aren't there(so you would eat the toast like you normally would, except you take bigger bites to allow the beans to get in, get it?)) with bacon on the side.
I sometimes squish up my beans and spread them on toast.
funny, i never thought of that o.0 good idea though
My recipie like so many others is very similar yet very different. Never thought about adding ketchup and mustard. Makes it like a hot dog without the bun :) I grew up calling it Beans and Weiners. OK so I don't come from the most creative family :) Mine uses pork & beans in molasses (with the pork removed), onions (like mje), fried ground beef, and of course hot dogs. Basically, even with the pork fat removed there is nothing even remotely healthy about it. Which is probably what makes it taste so good :)
I'm glad you went with the Nathans, you cant skimp when it comes to hot dogs.
I use BBQ sauce and a handful of frozen veggies. The little smokies sausages do make a decent alternative to the dogs as do frozen meatballs, if you catch either them on sale. I simply heat up the mixture in a sauce pan on the burner. After put it on the plate I sprinkle Shredded sharp cheddar chess on while it's still good and hot.
You should serve it with a large baked potato :) Take 1 large potato, wash it, 15 minutes @ microwave or 20-30 in 200 celcius degree oven should do it, You may want to cut it open and eat with the same spoon OR open it up, mash it with a spoon and some butter, then pour the casserole inside. mmmm (:
like Bush's vegetarian baked beans~like spicy mustard~first saw Nathan's on PBS hot dog show~they're even saying that ketchup is good for you, now~please check out my buddy info~salemslot9@aol.com
Beanie Weenies were one of my first culinary accomplishments- granted, this was when I was 8, but we all have to start somewhere, whatever our age. <br/><br/>Personally, I like a little onion in my Beanie Weenies. Or when I like to get a little fancier, a nice <a rel="nofollow" href="http://smsfr.blogspot.com/2006_10_01_archive.html">Cassoulet.</a><br/>
Damn it, I'm hungery now. Good stuff, still kinda looks like it was raulfed up but good none the less.
I hope this is tastier than it looks... It is good for my heart. :)
Personally, I like baked beans (my better half may disagree at times though ;) ).... Especially the from scratch home made variety (which I don't have time to make).
Sorry, I'm with Crash on this one. It's in the Ramen category for me. Particularly gross serving suggestions: 1) Freeze a bowl full with a popsicle stick upright in the center, then remove and gnaw about the edges. 2) Puree and drink through one of those big straws. Leave a few beans intact for the tapioca pearl effect.
Haha, that popsicle suggestion was hilarious.
Now worries -- can't win them all :P Perhaps this makes a good candidate for meal abominations :) That second serving suggestion remind me of the "will it blend" advertisements... Oysters on the full shell anyone?
Robert Klein used to have a comedy bit about Franks and Beans, something about sending them to India and the guy in India not wanting to eat them either, saying that they were sacred. At least I think it was him, I heard this in 1978 or so..it was funny, trust me..
Escoffier eat your heart out! In the Southern Hemisphere they call this Beans and Franks.

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