[Collegiate Meals] Three Way Salmon Steaks

Picture of [Collegiate Meals] Three Way Salmon Steaks
Now I'll admit, fresh salmon isn't as cheap as Stromboli or spaghetti. But there will come a time when you want to impress someone with your college cooking skills.

Here we'll explore several cooking methods and ways to flavor salmon beyond lemon and butter (and this can apply to other species of fish too). I'll even show you what to look for at the grocer.

Green Salmon: Dredged in pesto and baked.
Yellow Salmon: My girlfriend's favorite seasoning blend - cooked in/on a pan or griddle.
Red Salmon: Still looking for more uses for salsa. Steamed with red wine.

You could argue that this is not a college meal... Well, I'm in college and it's my meal - a special one too ;) While it may be on the more technical side, I'm breaking it down to maximize success.

Also pictured in this meal are Steve's Sugar Soy Sauce Mushroom Tops.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Green Salmon
Basil Pesto
Cooking Oil

Yellow Salmon
Citrus Creations seasoning blend

Red Salmon
You're favorite tomato based salsa
Red Wine

*see next step for how to purchase and prepare

And you thought it was going to be a complicated shopping list. These recipe's follow an almost fool proof rule. Simple flavors for a clutterless robust taste.
Grimarr6 years ago
Just thought I'd add that while farmed salmon is artificially colored (in that the color is added to feed), it's colored using the same nutrient which makes wild salmon pink. It's in the same family of nutrients as Beta Carotene and provides the fish with Vitamin A. Or at least, that's true of the farmed salmon I sell at work.
preface: I love your recipes. I've given a few of them 5s, and I'm a pro so me saying "this is the perfect X" is a rare thing. I have a food blog for cooking cheap (mostly) food for college kids that teaches some gourmet flair ( if you're curious) so most of my cooking is right up your alley. However, I have to strongly disagree with you on one matter. SKIN ON. Don't get it de-skinned. There is a VITAL layer of fat between the skin and the meat that's lost when you de-skin fish, and the crispiness of the skin when you finish is amazing. Worse comes to worst, pull off the skin when you're done, but the skin is *important*.
Zujus8 years ago
Correct your keywords becouse CollegIEt Meals don't find anythink on Collegiate Meals. ;)
trebuchet03 (author)  Zujus8 years ago
Thanks mate, I think this was the last one with the typo :P
You're welcome. Thanks for you, you inspired me to cook smth. ;D
jeffreyf8 years ago
Another excellent "red" salmon is Thai red curry. It's worth trying if you haven't, and pairs very well.