While you're baking your fresh spaghetti squash... Take a little time and prepare the seeds that you would have otherwise thrown out... Satisfy that need to use more of what you consume :)

While they come from a different plant, they are very similar to pumpkin seeds (although there aren't as many).

Step 1: Ingredients

Remains of 1 (or more) spaghetti squash
wow I knew the seeds were edible too- I tried to toast them but didn't know to pick out the white seeds. thank you so much!!
my mom roasts them in the oven
That's nice. I usually just soak them in soy sauce, but I'll have to try this.
I didn't get to taste them, but they smell wonderful. Keep up the great smells! Hehe.
They're more similar than most people realize and are just different varieties of Cucurbita pepo.

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