[Q]uick, Get the Stash.





Introduction: [Q]uick, Get the Stash.

You ever need a stash, for whatever reason? Simply just wanna hide the keys from a drunkie? Well here's a quick and easy way to get your stash. dont be so harsh its my first instructable.

Step 1: What You Need for This Project.

1. empty soda (beer or whatever) can
2. top can opener
3. couple of minutes

Step 2: Opening the Can

Place the can opener on top of the can and simply do what you normally do to open it.

Step 3: Once the Top Is Open..

Once you have the top off the can it should look like the picture below. Make sure you wash it or else you'll get ants. Becareful with the top of the can it is very sharp.

Step 4: Finished

Now thats it, very simple. Proceed to hide whatever you want to hide.



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    Great instructable very quick and easy!Fill it with candy!!

    You could also glue the top of a container like a pill bottle that doesn't have a child safety on it maybe wit super glue, then put some plaster of paris in it and screw the bottle on to the lid and but it in the plaster of paris let it dry then unscrew the lid and stash stuff and it will be heavier too like a real pop can. If you want more details on it u should click on the link i have cause it has a good video on youtube.com cause they tell a little more.

     Lol thats the instructable I'm in the process of writing, ssshhhhhh

    you forgot the part where you bend the little flap up but anyway nice instructable finally an original one (i hope) thats actually worth my time

    im gonna go make one and put pop in my stash =D

    for you americans, or lack of a better term, pop in canada, is soda haha

    soda, pop, soda pop i dont care the point remains