[blog 2006-04-15] Instructables Project Contest - March 2006 - Results!


Introduction: [blog 2006-04-15] Instructables Project Contest - March 2006 - Results!

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Wow! So many great projects were entered in the March 2006 contest, it was really hard to pick the winners. Thank you very much to everyone that submitted a project!

The following Instructables staff and users were judges for the contest:
joe, radiorental, dan, ewilhelm, colin, geo, saul. Needless to say projects made by the judges were not eligible for the contest. One note - in a couple of cases a key subcomponent of a winning project was entered as a separate Instructable by the user, in these cases we considered both projects together in the judging.

We will be contacting all the winners shortly by email to arrange for prize delivery, winners of T-shirts will also be contacted by email. All the winning projects have been tagged so you can easily search for them.

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    cool contest guys too bad I didn't have anything great too enter in.

    We've never run a contest before and it turns out it's a lot of work!

    I bet if you used a search engine you could find a site that would tell you how to do things like run a contest.

    They could have instructions and stuff on it...

    That would be a cool site!

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    and maybe I could find a site to show me how to close a tag...


    Sorry about the delay in notifying the Honorable Mention T-Shirt winners. We've never run a contest before and it turns out it's a lot of work! I've just sent out the emails to Honorable Mention winners yesterday (may 11).


    OOPS! we only just noticed that user 'wrique' had two winning projects. only one prize is given out per user, so we've selected an 11th winner for 'project of the month'.

    Congrats to all of the winners!