[eng] YAW (Yet Another Wallet) Made from recycled stuff!!!-- [esp] Cartera hecha con material reciclado

[eng] Another kind of wallet made from a re-used tetra brick pack! It is very durable and cheap, multiple styles and colours... so you can have one to suit all your clothes ;-)

[esp] ¡Otro tipo de cartera hecha de un tetra brick! Aguanta mucho desgaste y es barata, varios estilos y colores por lo que la puedes combinar con todo ;-)

Step 1: [eng] Necessary Materials [esp] Materiales Necesarios

Picture of [eng] Necessary Materials [esp] Materiales Necesarios
[eng] This wallet is very simple to make and you need very little resources and mainly recycled ones!
You need...
1) A tetra brick pack: Any type will do, I prefer the long ones. Choose by colour, content or size...Enjoy drinking the content (if it was not empty already! ;-D), clean it and dry it...
2) Cutter knife, scissors or similar...
3) A couple of pieces of velcro or similar... Length a little less than two times the wide of the brick. Better velcro with glue, if not just use some suitable for fabric.

Note: You can get tetra bricks in the tetra brick disposal container (here in Finland its very normal to find as waste management is up-to-date standards!). Normally tetra bricks are an ecological nightmare because they tend to be done by overlaying pressed paper, a thin aluminium (aluminum US.eng X-D )foil, a plastic cover... but this ones are made only of pressed paper and a thin waxy coat!

Narices! no me acepta las tildes ni las enyes...
[esp] Esta cartera es muy facil de hacer, solo necesitas unos pocos materiales, que son los siguientes...
1) Un tetra brick: Cualquier tipo vale, yo prefiero los largos. Eli­gelo por el color, disenyo, contenido... Disfruta de su contenido, si no te lo bebiste antes... lavalo y secalo.
2) Una cuchilla (cutter), tijeras o similar...
3) Un par de trozos de velcro, de largo algo menos que el doble del ancho del tetra brick. El velcro mejor es el que tiene pegue, sino, tendras que usar un pegamento que valga para papel y telas.

Nota: En Finlandia se pueden conseguir brick en los contenedores de reciclado. Aqui es muy comun ya que el tema de reciclado lo tienen feten... Normalmente se puede considerar al tetra brick una pesadilla ecologica...Hecho de papel prensado, papel de aluminio y cubierto de plastico es muy dificil de reciclar, sin embargo, esto son unicamente de papel con una ligera capa de encerado.
nice idea dude but you could put some duct tape on packet to make them look mor nice anyways a nice and creative idea
Very cool idea! I love recycling things in creative ways. Good job!
TonyRomero (author) 8 years ago
Well! some news! I just received this email!... Dear TonyRomero,

Congratulations, you’ve won second prize in the DIY Wallet Challenge!
Hihihihihi I am sooooooooo happy! :-D Thanks to all of you!!!!
Loved your wallet but I'd actually seen these wallets for sale in Sydney. :( Good job though
Very interesting & creative. But would anyone actually use a wallet made of recycled material? A wallet is just one of those things I'd prefer to buy. They are cheap, last a long time and don't do too much ecological damage in manufacturing. Manufaturing a small box of zip-lock bags is probably much worse for the environment, and will not last as long as a wallet. I've owned my wallet for 5 or 6 years. So in the long-run, the $20 I spent on it was negligible. And I find it more aethetically pleasing than a milk carton. I thought "milk" in spanish is "leche"...why do the milk boxes say "maito"?
TonyRomero (author)  climber_geek8 years ago
I am living in Finland right now so that is why it says "maito"...milk in Finn... I do agree that a wallet does last long, but the wallet I have does not have a place for coins so I use this one as a coin holder...and about the aesthetics...well I like the orange drawings. I have already made like 10 wallets for friends and family, I guess it is just for the "cool" factor... Thanks for the comment!
Yeah, I guess they are cool in a campy sort of way. The 12-year old in me would like to have one but the 30-year old in me says "no". But I have to admit that those finnish milk cartons look cool with the bovine cartoons. The ones in america are usually more plain and boring.
Las vacas son monas. I think that is how you say it.
twisted8 years ago
cool idea! dosent look like it would hold cash though
good, clear instructions :)

anyways, check out my wallet instructable: here
TonyRomero (author)  twisted8 years ago
thanks! I liked your wallet too!
hethlee8 years ago
Very cool. This is a swee project. how does the velcro hold up?
TonyRomero (author)  hethlee8 years ago
It has glue already at the back, so you just peel the cover and stick it, but there are many versions of the velcro tape. There is one that has a solid glue so you hot iron it and gets stuck. There is also normal velcro with no glue. This is the one I used to use, so I just stuck it with glue for textiles and fabrics or i would use my hot glue gun. They are very cheap and you can glue trizillions of things with them... glue guns are fun ;-) Thanks for your comment! Tony
yeah glue guns are great, however whenever I use velcro it always peels off. I was just wondering if it held up on the wallet. the one kind of velcro that you iron on is probably fairly strong.
nagutron8 years ago
Hey, that's cool. Like the paper wallet, but waterproof! I like how you keep a lot of the structure of the original box.
TonyRomero (author)  nagutron8 years ago
I think its cool too and here the tetra bricks have lots of colours and "nice" arts... Actually more than waterproof it is very durable! the pressed paper lasts longer than it seems...even when the drawing has worn off the brick is basically intact... and when it is too worn out you always have a new tetra brick to use as replacement... Thanks for the comment!