[video] How to Build a Sling





Introduction: [video] How to Build a Sling

In this video instructable, Jesse Hensel instructs on how to build a sling.

For the second half of this Instructable, go to Hot to Use a Sling



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    are there any good substitoots for the leather

    try using denum from pants and also you could use duct tape wraped kite string.

    I am a huge advocate for slings. i think they are great. very cheap to make, fun practical and did i say cheap? anyway, its cool to use to throw a tennis ball for your dog. or to use to throw a stone 1/3 of a mile. and yes that is pretty realistic depending on the sling length and the weight of the gland(projectile in a sling) some nice paracord or nylon bootlaces are awesome to use for the strings. check out slinging.org. there are some awesome threads on the forum, pics, and instruct-ables.

    can you sling around 333 yards? i can

    yuppers....with ONE of my slings lol. they get kinda addictive to make too.

    i know ive made oer 20 of them

    a good alternative to leather is gaffer/bear tape double fold it to the size u want and ya set