Picture of [video] How to Build a Sling
In this video instructable, Jesse Hensel instructs on how to build a sling.

For the second half of this Instructable, go to Hot to Use a Sling

FROST8 years ago
are there any good substitoots for the leather
Knexagon FROST8 years ago
try using denum from pants and also you could use duct tape wraped kite string.
 Nice camera rig! How'd you get one?
harryman7 years ago
I am a huge advocate for slings. i think they are great. very cheap to make, fun practical and did i say cheap? anyway, its cool to use to throw a tennis ball for your dog. or to use to throw a stone 1/3 of a mile. and yes that is pretty realistic depending on the sling length and the weight of the gland(projectile in a sling) some nice paracord or nylon bootlaces are awesome to use for the strings. check out slinging.org. there are some awesome threads on the forum, pics, and instruct-ables.
can you sling around 333 yards? i can
yuppers....with ONE of my slings lol. they get kinda addictive to make too.
i know ive made oer 20 of them
milamber6 years ago
a good alternative to leather is gaffer/bear tape double fold it to the size u want and ya set
chinnerz6 years ago
wow, thats rly nice. also where are you? sounds like other people are there working on other stuff.. and lastly thats a nice set of tools you have in the background there :)
Peter3D7 years ago
What's the reason why you're wearing a helmet ? Protecting your hands while piercing the leather. Open flame of the lighter ? Sucks.
He's not wearing the helmet for safety he's wearing it because THE CAMERA IS MOUNTED ON IT!
kibbler7 years ago
Whap! BTW, try skipping stones w/ it. AWESOME!!!
PetervG9 years ago
How does it work!! Lol.
Check Wikipedia
midbe8 years ago
made it and shoot it like 2000ft awsome
2000 feet? dude thats more then 1/3 of a mile are you sure?
El-Butchio8 years ago
im thinking of trying this, how accurate is it?
if you dont have leather bicicyle inner tube works great.
lennyb8 years ago
i made something just like this 10 years ago after having read clan of the cave bear. iti seemed very nice but i tried to use it with a larger projectile and did not warm up and ended up damaging a rotator cuff in my right shoulder(i know i was doing it wrong now but a few seconds warm up would have saved me alot of pain)
theRIAA9 years ago
i just built a rifle sling.....
whats that ? ooh i get it!
Another video should be posted shortly demonstrating how to operate a sling.
mrbob10009 years ago
well you swing it and then let go of the knot when you want it to shoot
mrbob10009 years ago
pretty cool instructable (i think i will have to try it)
well i made it (but couldnt find some stuff so i did what i always do... IMPROVISE)