Introduction: Arduino Cardboard Robot Is Controlled From Smartphone Via Bluetooth

This little cardboard robot is very nice. You can make following the instructions. You can decorate the robot as you like. Recommended knowledge Arduino.

Step 1:

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Cut from cardboard four parts. Body, head, two hands. The body is a cube with sides of 7 cm, the head is a cube with sides of 5 cm. Hands have a length of 10 cm and thickness 2 cm. All items have one free surface, to facilitate access to the inside. To glue the parts by means of a hot plastic glue.

Step 2:

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Cut holes for the servo motors. Use 3 micro servos. One servomotor rotates the head, two servo rotate hands. Glue the servos. Use two LEDs for the eyes of the robot. Glue them into the holes for the eyes.

Step 3:

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Assemble the wiring diagram of Arduino. Need a Bluetooth module. Servomotors preferably be connected to a separate power source of 5 volts.

Step 4:

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Using online tools to create an interface for robot remote control. Interfaces are included the right and left slider to the right-hand and left-hand and to rotate the head slider. Set two buttons to control the eyes. Use the documentation to online service to create the sketch of the robot control from your smartphone:
Or you can download the sketch from the attached file.

Step 5:

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Download the Android app on the download page of the online service RemoteXY. You will be able to connect to your robot and to control the movement of the hands, head, blinking eyes.


shevauto (author)2014-12-19

added video

Akin Yildiz (author)2014-12-12

video please ?!

seamster (author)2014-12-08

That's a nice little robot!

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