Introduction: Smart Greenhouse

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The project of VII Fab Lab Polytech School

The main goal of the project is to automatize caring about plants.

Functions of the greenhouse

  • monitoring environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, soil moisture, CO2 content of the air, illumination)
  • extension of daylight for plants
  • airing of greenhouse
  • automatic watering by timer and soil drying

Step 1: List of Components

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Watering unit (choose one of the following):

  • Stepper motor Nema 17 + silicon tube 10х1 mm + two bearings 608 + stepper motor driver
  • Car washer pump
  • Hydraulic valve with electrical control



  • Cooler size 40mm
  • Transparent plexiglass 4mm
  • Hinges
  • Blue and red LED strip (optimal light wave length for plants)
  • Arduino uno
  • Transistors
  • Plastic container

Step 2: The Housing

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The housing is cut from 4mm plexiglas (archive with solidworks models attached) and glued together. After glue hardens, use sealant on connections. Installation of the sensors is carried out by means of hot melt adhesive. Carry wire through openings in the rear wall to the electronic cell.

We made a version with a hydraulic valve and a bottle to represent connecting our device to plumbling. So we made a bottle holder.

Step 3: Electronics

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The power supply is performed by 12V.

Arduino sketches for valve control, sensors and lighting are included.

Step 4: Credits

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The project is realized by the forces of the wonderful people: Ann, Eugene and Konstantin.

Moderator of the project - Gleb


Akin Yildiz (author)2016-02-06

very interesting concept, thank you for sharing.
are you familiar with my work. i have made a few smart desktop greenhouses;
btw you will need high power leds for plant growth;

Glebanatik (author)Akin Yildiz2016-02-16

Wow, I've never heard of Plant Doctor, your plant arm and box1 projects are very nice.

My project is quite raw, hopefully I'll put a couple of updates soon. And thank you for you advice about lights and for your feedback!

wold630 (author)2016-02-05

Cool, do you have any photos of the finished product?

Glebanatik (author)wold6302016-02-05

I'll add them asap - our work is still in progress.

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