Introduction: How to Make 3D Models With IPhone and Pla-rails

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Let's make 3D models with iPhone and Pla-rails.
Pla-rail is a Japanese train's toy. This toy is famous in Japan.

Step 1: Get Sets

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1. プラレール車両(先頭車両と台車) × 1セット

2. レール
カーブレール × 8本
(2倍カーブレールの場合 × 4本)

3. iPhone × 1台

4. 段ボール ( 厚さ3mm~5mm A4サイズ以内 ) × 1枚

5.図面 (写真をA4紙にプリント)
図面のダウンロード →



8.はさみ または カッター

Step 2: Setting

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1. レールを組みたて、円にします

make a circle.

Step 3: Make an IPhone Train

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1. 図面を段ボールの面にノリで貼ります

2. 乾いたら、ハサミまたはカッターで線に合わせて切ります。

3. パーツを細長い箱になるように組み立てボンド接着します。

4. 段ボールの箱をプラレールの台車にとりつけて、iPhoneをのせます。

Step 4: Gain in Train's Weight

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This stage is important to shoot videos. Trains is able to run slowly.


Step 5: Shoot Videos

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Put objects in the middle.
Let's shoot videos with iPhone camera on the toy train. and have it go around rails.


Step 6: Change Videos Into About 70 Photos

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  Adobe Premiere Pro


Change video into about 70~80 photos on Premiere Pro.
And then, send data to Autodesk 123D Catch or Recap Photo.

Step 7: Send Photos to 123D Catch

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123D catchで写真を読み込みます。
send Photos to Autodesk 123D or Recap Photos.

123D catch online
How to → 123D-Catchを使って複数の写真から3Dモデルを作成する方法 を参照

Step 8: Finished 3D!!!!!!

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Step 9: Various Version

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・SPIRAL ver.
・Long rail ver.

 and so on.

test movie on Youtube

archive videos—make 3D models with iPhone and pla-rails.


螺旋バージョン で高さの高いものを つくることが出来ます。




Jjfun (author)2015-11-22


1 Infinite Loop (author)2014-04-23

Can you put more english and put a link to buy these trains? It would be easy to take a 360 panorama if the phone was facing the other way and in panorama mode when you run the train...

robot797 (author)2013-12-01

you should make the train longer
and have the last cart carieng a black paper

so that the movie is on a black background for better contrast

Jaxton Maez (author)2013-11-29

Dude, we don't know what your saying. Good instructable though.

mieru (author)2013-11-22

Simply great and rich of possibility!!! Thanks for sharing!

tovey (author)2013-11-22

It seems you could do with a mod that will place your object at the center of the circle for improved consistency of the image tracking.

This is quite easy as the track you are using already provides for a simple add on.
Using a high contrast colored thread to the back ground (bright for dark back ground dark for bright background).

On the bottom of the track tie the thread or string from one side of the track to the other using the dadoes. Then turn the circle 90 degree and do the same with those two dadoes, this will form a cross marking the center of your circle.

There appears to be holes or voids to facilitate this.

With this addition, you can center your model in the center of the track and get better images from your scan.

rpb (author)2013-11-22

That. Is. Awesome.

Great Instructable!

Shomen (author)2013-11-22

Wow! Very clever.

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i have no idea whats going on, but i like this post :D

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Brillient idea!

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That's awesome!

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Very clever!

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