Introduction: 唐僧粘土手指偶

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Step 1: 所需色彩

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Step 2: 制作身体和头部

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取出肤色粘土制作约3公分大小两个,把一个圆球套在手指上造型 ,见图效果

Step 3: 制作皇冠

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Step 4: 制作袈裟

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Step 5: 制作其他部件

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gada888 (author)2013-10-15

Hi,instructables is not somewhere people put their presentations with their own languages.people appreciate your work with WELL-THOUGHT disctiptions.thanks.

the finger clay figure is TANG monk.his achievement is got the buddhist sutra from the Buddism's birthplace India,He later became more famous bcz of the birth of a Great NOVEL 'WESTERN TRAVEL NOTES' this book is accepted as one of four greatest novels in Chinese history.

The book is telling a fairystory about a monk and his pig,monkey etc,animal disciples fought back various animal monsters along his way to India and eventually got the buddist sutra.Chinese people love the witty,super kongfu master monkey and the selfish foolish pig so could compete with any of the modern day cartoon movie stories,but the book was finished 500 yeas ago.

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