Introduction: 老旧机床的活用(Flexible Use of the Old Machine)

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A tool, not just a feature, a general machine tools, you can achieve different purposes. Use conversion tool holder between implementation and electrons combine to make a more precise workpieces. There is a creative, you may wish to refer to the reference, this piece by the Tianjin Modern Vocational and Technical College "dream teacher" team build. With the least cost, in exchange for maximum benefit. Flexible use of the old machine, we look at how to do.

Step 1: 步骤一:材料准备(Material Preparation)

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90 ° turning 45 ° turning
Chuck board
Old machine

Step 2: 步骤二:实际操作、加工刀片(Actual Operation, Processing Blades)

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Step 3: 步骤四:加工完成(Processing Is Completed)

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