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Introduction: KOKEDAMA: a Unique Way to Grow a Plant

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Wow! So many ways to make our house green and beauty. Plant is one of them. The conventional way to keep the plant may be such a boring thing. Japan has a creative one and I will tell you how to make 苔玉 by myself.

PS: 苔玉 Kokedama!

Step 1: You Need:



Plants (I choose false daisies in this project: the cutting of false daisies)

Moss (Peel it from wall or stone or somewhere)





PS: we recommand you to choose an easy-to-care plant like succulents or cacti.

Step 2: Mix the Soil and the Manure

(Remember that the soil is more than the manure)

Step 3: Make It Like a Ball

You can add some water to help you.

Step 4: Stick It!

In case we use the cutting of false daisies, so we just stick it to the ball. But, if you choose a rooting plant, you have to make a ball around the roots.

Step 5: Put the Moss

Put the moss on the ball. Its not that easy. But, this step is the happiest step. Use water to help it on.

Step 6: The String!

The string: you can make it like a net, or use the cloth to help you hold your kokedama

Step 7: Hang It and Done!

Hang it and done! or you can place it in the bowl or on the plate or on the ground or you can bring it when you walking around the city. #joke
PS: Dont forget to water your kokedama. Use the sprayer to keep your ball.

Step 8: Finish

I wish you will make it better than me.

Thanks for look my works.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Thank you. You have to try it at home. No space needed haha

i'v done it twice with differents techniques but the trees always die from desidratation (one was a 4 years bonsai:(

what i am doing wrong ?

Neat idea!

If you used hydrated water-absorbing granules (as are in diapers) in with your soil and manure mix, it would help keep the plant moist. Also, if the fabric and twine used aren't part synthetic (nylon or polyester), they will decompose over time

tanks! i will try that with the next. the other thing is that my new tree is a lilac. should i try it or find another tree, i know it may be too fragile

Yeah you have to try it. I think you have to try it with the another one, cacti or succulent. Or a wild grass (yeah haha). Idk what lilac is. But when I googled it, it seems that fragile. I want that flower, now. Haha. Thank you

thank you for your suggestion. its really helping

So many sources say that we have to choose an easy-care plant. Like succulent or cacti. Ya, I think that is the best because kokedama cant keep much water

I wonder if a magnet could be used on the bottum with a corsponding plate to make it float off the ground

Ah great idea. Let's try. But, I think that is really hard to do.