Introduction: 跑步机支架 Treadmill Bracket

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This is a simple made by wire hanger treadmill dedicated phone holder.

Step 1: 找到一个铁丝晾衣架

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Find a wire racks.

Step 2: 把铁丝衣架根据跑步机和手机的尺寸做弯折

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According to the wire hanger and the phone's size treadmills do bend.

Step 3: 把弯折好的铁丝衣架固定在跑步机上

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The bent wire hanger fixed on a treadmill.

Step 4: 你可以把手机放在支架上了

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You can put the phone on the stand now.


seamster (author)2014-10-22

Nicely done!

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